17th ANNUAL BIOECON CONFERENCE: “Experimental and Behavioural Economics and the Conservation of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services”

13th -15th September 2015 – Kings College, Cambridge, United Kingdom

The 17th BIOECON Conference will be of interest to both researchers and policy makers working on issues in the area of biodiversity, ecosystem services and sustainable development, in both developed and developing countries. In particular, it aims to explore the role of experimental evidence and behavioural economics in informing economic instruments and conservation policy, both in developed and developing countries.  The conference takes a broad interest in the area of resource management, development and conservation, including but not limited to: the role of biodiversity and ecosystem services in economic development, plant genetic resources and food security issues, deforestation and development, fisheries and institutional adaptation, development and conservation, wildlife conservation, and international trade and regulation.

The Keynote Speakers for the 17th BIOECON Conference are:

Professor Daan van Soest, University of Tilburg, The Netherlands
Professor Jeff Vincent, Duke University.

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