2012 ISEE Conference Call for Papers

12th Biennial Conference of the International Society for Ecological Economics

16 – 19 June, 2012 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


UPDATE: The deadline for submission of abstracts for ISEE2012 has been extended to November 25, 2011. Results will be announced by December 15, 2011.

ISEE is a nonprofit, member-governed organization dedicated to advancing understanding of the relationships between the economy, ecology and society, for the mutual well-being of people and nature. ISEE conferences are transdisciplinary and have been held biennially since 1990. ISEE 2012 has been conceived to dovetail with the Rio+20 UNCSD Earth Summit. The Earth Summit has been charged with developing a road map for international cooperation toward a “Green Economy” and for promoting institutions necessary for sustainable development. ISEE 2012 will address UNCSD themes as well as other key debates within ecological economics and environmental policy. It will promote dialogue with the Summit through a final ministerial panel and the participation of policy makers. The challenge for Ecological Economics at this Summit is to contribute to designing innovative alternatives, to address market and institutional failures, as well as to better understand ecological and economic systems. To download the complete flyer click here.


Greening the Economy

  • Measuring green growth
  • The energy question
  • Sustainable consumption
  • (Un)sustainable cities?

The Political Economy of Green Development

  • Food security: who sows? who reaps?
  • The economics and politics of climate change
  • Pollution and politics
  • Challenges of community resource governance

Environmental Justice, Ethics and Values

  • Global agreements: is convergence possible?
  • Balancing nature: people, biodiversity and resilience
  • Governing environmental behaviour
  • Mores and morals: toward an environmental ethic
  • Political ecology and ecological conflicts

Methodological Challenges

  • Feminist economics and ecological economics: can the twain meet?
  • Behavioural economics and economic behaviour: beyond homo economicus?
  • Economics and Ecology: transdisciplinary conversations


There will be three tracks for abstract submissions: Panels (for long presentations), Roundtables (for short interventions) and Posters. Submissions can be in the form of individual abstracts or as full Panels and Roundtables. Full Panels/Roundtables require a cogent theme, a brief introduction giving the rationale, names of session chair(s), and abstracts/papers of all contributors.  Alternative innovative formats, including performances, films and installations, would also be welcome for consideration.

Abstract submission is closed.

All abstracts for Panels and Roundtables will be reviewed by an international review panel (see schedule below). Abstracts for poster presentations will be evaluated by the ISEE Local Organizing Committee.Acceptance of all abstracts will be based on relevance for ecological economics and the conference theme, originality, and overall quality.  Official notification of abstract acceptance or rejection, or optional poster presentation will be emailed to the corresponding author on 15 December 2011.

Conference organisers will make every effort to seek funding to reimburse travel costs and participation fees of those from non-OECD countries and for student researchers (with proof of university attendance). Those needing funding must submit a full paper in advance.


15 November 2011 – Session, paper, poster abstract submissions

15 December 2011 – Author notification

2 March 2012 – Pay registration fee online to ensure inclusion of abstract in conference brochure

16 June 2012 – Conference begins

International Program and Scientific Committee

Bina Agarwal, President ISEE, 2012-2013 (Chairperson)

  • John Gowdy, President ISEE, 2010-2011
  • Peter May, President ISEE, 2009-2010
  • Maria Amélia Enriquez, President ECOECO
  • Paulo Mibielli, Vice President ECOECO
  • José Eli da Veiga, University of São Paulo
  • José Feres, Vice-President ALEAR
  • Joshua Farley, University of Vermont, USA
  • Pushpam Kumar, UNEP, Kenya
  • Bernardo Aguilar, President SMEE, Costa Rica
  • Roldan Muradian, REDIBEC
  • Sigrid Stagl, President, ESEE
  • Begum Ozkaynak, Bogazici University, Turkey
  • Kevin Urama, President, ASEE, Kenya
  • Walter Pengue, President, AUSEE, Argentina
  • Wendy Proctor, President, ANZEE
  • Kanchan Chopra, President, INSEE
  • Joan Martinez-Alier, Past-President, ISEE

Local Organizing Committee

Peter May, Past President, ISEE (Chairperson)

  • Frederico Cavadas, Board member, ECOECO
  • Gina van Dijk, MCI-Group, Brazil (ex oficio)
  • José Feres, Vice-President, ALEAR
  • Liandra Caldasso, INCT-PPED, UFRJ
  • Paulo Mibielli, Vice President, ECOECO
  • Valeria Vinha, Institute of Economics-UFRJ

To download the flyer click here.

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18 Responses to 2012 ISEE Conference Call for Papers

  1. Dr. Terseer Hemben says:

    Is it too late to submit an abstract for the June 16-19 or 20-22 conference in Rio, Brazil?


    Dr. T. Hemben

  2. Evelyn R. Cacatian says:

    Inquiring as to the status of the abstract I submitted for the ISEE conference.

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  4. Nicholas Kumah says:

    I to join you and if you can invite to your conference.May GOD richly bless you. Thank you.

  5. Evelyn R. |Cacatian says:

    Please provide an English translation of the instruction at the last part of the on-line submission of abstracts.

    • anne says:

      It certainly is an aim of the ISEE to do this – hence the journal Ecological Economics. The ISEE unfortunately has no surplus funds and all its resources are committed to assisting in organizing conferences and helping the ten regional societies to do the same.

    • anne says:

      I’ll get this checked now!

  6. Evelyn R. |Cacatian says:

    Financial constraint poses as one of the important factors that limit information dissemination. ISEE could play a great role in providing remediation to this problem

  7. Dr Kirtiraj D C says:

    The theme is based on one of the most burning issue of modern world.

  8. vadivel says:

    it will be useful for control the natural disorder on the earth. after the this conference we will identify the problems related to topics created by many thinker’s contribution.

  9. sudhakar patra says:

    The theme of conference, green economy is quite interesting and contemporary. I would like to participate and contribute a paper on global Energy crisis. Can you arrange funding for participants of developing countries, like India.

  10. Dr. R. Shashi Kumar says:

    Very important themes selected for the conference.

  11. Mouchumi K.Borohain says:

    I have started the membership process. Reimbursing the travel cost-if the abstract is selected, would be really a creditable job.


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  14. Joseph Henry Vogel says:


    I have read the Abstract Submission form and wish to enquire about conference funding “Conference organisers will make every effort to seek funding to reimburse travel costs and participation fees of those from non-OECD countries.” The Commonwealth of PR is a colony of the US with official poverty at about 50%, negative growth for the last six years, and a budgetary cut of 25% of the University. Our salaries have been significantly cut and workloads increased. Would the situation of my affiliation with the state university qualify as “Conference organisers will make every effort to seek funding to reimburse travel costs and participation fees of those from non-OECD countries ” Cheers, Joseph.

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