2018 COP-24, UN Climate Negotiations

Find out more about the ISEE Call for Participation at the 2018 UN Climate Negotiations, COP-24. Your participation is needed in order to make this a success!

If you are interested in attending the climate talks to represent the ISEE and appear as a guest on one of Stuart Scott’s Climate Matters programs, please contact him by email to stuart.h.scott@gmail.com. Stuart is especially interested in ISEE members living in northern Europe to minimize the carbon footprint of travel to the climate talks.

At COP-23 in Bonn, Germany, four videos were produced. You can view them below:

Addiction to Growth – Root Cause of Climate Change

Dr. Daly’s 10 Candles – Economic Policies to Fix Climate Change

Ecological Economics, Climate Change, and Sustainability

Ecological Economics

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