2018 November Ecological Economics

ISSN 0921-8009 November 2018 EE Journal

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Volume 153

November 2018
ISSN 0921-8009

Marco P.V. Franco, Searching for a Scientific Paradigm in EE: The History of Ecological Economic Thought, 1880s–1930s, EE, Volume 153, November 2018, Pages 195-203

Sebastian Strunz, Harry Schindler, Identifying Barriers Toward a Post-growth Economy – A Political Economy View, EE, Volume 153, November 2018, Pages 68-77

Tongzhe Li, Jill J. McCluskey, Kent D. MesserIgnorance Is Bliss? Experimental Evidence on Wine Produced from Grapes Irrigated with Recycled Water, EE, Volume 153, November 2018, Pages 100-110

Jing Tian, Celio Andraded, Julio Lumbreras, Dabo Guan, Fangzhi Wang, Hua Liao, Integrating Sustainability Into City-level CO2 Accounting: Social Consumption Pattern and Income Distribution, EE, Volume 153, November 2018, Pages 1-16

Vivien Sainte Fare Garnot, Andreas Groth, Michael GhilCoupled Climate-Economic Modes in the Sahel’s Interannual Variability, EE, Volume 153, November 2018,
Pages 111-123

Irmelin Slettemoen Helgesen, Anders Skonhoft, Arne EideMaximum Yield Fishing and Optimal Fleet Composition. A Stage Structured Model Analysis With an Example From the Norwegian North-East Arctic Cod Fishery, EE, Volume 153, November 2018, Pages 204-217

Liang Yuan, Kongjoo Shin, Shunsuke ManagiSubjective Well-being and Environmental Quality: The Impact of Air Pollution and Green Coverage in China, EE, Volume 153, November 2018, Pages 124-138

Jing Liu, Tianbao QinA Comparative Analysis of Fishing Rights From a Transaction Cost Perspective, EE, Volume 153, November 2018, Pages 89-99

Eric Kemp-BenedictInvesting in a Green Transition, EE, Volume 153, November 2018, Pages 218-236

Rhys Manners, Consuelo Varela-OrtegaThe Role of Decision-making in Ecosystem Service Trade-offs in Lowland Bolivia’s Amazonian Agricultural Systems, EE, Volume 153, November 2018, Pages 31-42

Thomas Eichner, Rüdiger PethigSelf-enforcing Biodiversity Agreements with Financial Support from North to South, EE, Volume 153, November 2018, Pages 43-55

Miguel Cárdenas Rodríguez, Ivan Haščič, Martin SouchierEnvironmentally Adjusted Multifactor Productivity: Methodology and Empirical Results for OECD and G20 Countries, EE, Volume 153, November 2018, Pages 147-160

Frédéric Salladarré, Patrice Guillotreau, Gervaise Debucquet, Gilles LazuechSome Good Reasons for Buying Fish Exclusively From Community-Supported Fisheries: The Case of Yeu Island in France, EE, Volume 153, November 2018, Pages 172-180

Wei Zhen, Quande Qin, Xiaoying Qian, Yi-Ming WeiInequality across China’s Staple Crops in Energy Consumption and Related GHG Emissions, EE, Volume 153, November 2018, Pages 17-30

Ray Galvin, Minna Sunikka-BlankEconomic Inequality and Household Energy Consumption in High-income Countries: A Challenge for Social Science Based Energy Research, EE, Volume 153, November 2018, Pages 78-88

Tiho Ancev, Danielle MerrettSecurity Bonding in Unconventional Gas Development: Evidence from an Economic Experiment, EE, Volume 153, November 2018, Pages 139-146

Frank Pothen, Miguel Angel Tovar ReañosThe Distribution of Material Footprints in Germany, EE, Volume 153, November 2018, Pages 237-251

Allen Blackman, Peter VeitTitled Amazon Indigenous Communities Cut Forest Carbon Emissions, EE, Volume 153, November 2018, Pages 56-67

Sergio L. Franklin, Robert S. PindyckTropical Forests, Tipping Points, and the Social Cost of Deforestation, EE, Volume 153, November 2018, Pages 161-171

Silvie Daniels, J. Ryan Bellmore, Joseph R. Benjamin, Nele Witters, Jaco Vangronsveld, Steven Van PasselQuantification of the Indirect Use Value of Functional Group Diversity Based on the Ecological Role of Species in the Ecosystem, EE, Volume 153, November 2018, Pages 181-194

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