2018 UN Climate Negotiations COP-24

ISEE Call for Participation at the
2018 UN Climate Negotiations, COP-24

The ISEE anticipates having Observer Status at the UNFCCC’s annual climate negotiations, COP-24, in Katowice, Poland from 5-16 December allowing us to accredit members to attend the COP. This is consistent with our president Clóvis Cavalcanti’s intention that the
ISEE become more involved in influencing
high-level change in society’s direction.

As you may know, Stuart Scott, one of our members, has been doing dual-purpose press conference/TV programs called Climate Matters at the annual COPs for some years. At COP-23 in Bonn, Germany he did a series of 4 programs with ISEE members as guests, and he would like to continue the series again this year. It is Stuart’s contention, as is increasingly reflected in scientific assessments and the mainstream media, that humanity’s very survival hinges upon whether or not we can change the current defective economic ‘operating system’ of civilization. He feels that Ecological Economics is an extremely important resource in that regard and to some extent a ‘well-kept secret’ that he wishes to popularize and promote as much as possible.

If you are interested in attending the climate talks to represent the ISEE and appear as a guest on one of Stuart Scott’s Climate Matters programs please contact him by email to stuart.h.scott@gmail.com. Stuart is especially interested in ISEE members living in northern Europe to minimize the carbon footprint of travel to the climate talks.

This year Climate Matters will welcome virtual guest participation via Internet video feed along with in-person guests. So while travel to Poland is not a requirement, having at least one live guest on each program panel is preferable.

If you are a confident public speaker and are willing to participate in a Climate Matters program, or if you have any questions, again please email Stuart at stuart.h.scott@gmail.com. He is also interested in gathering short potent video clips from presentations on Ecological Economics or related matters of sustainability. So please forward him links to such material as well.