3rd International Degrowth Conference

The Great Transition

Venice (Italy)
19-23 September 2012

  • Registration (Deadline  31st of July): we expect over 500 participants and we will close the registration once we reach the desired number (500 in total and 30 for each workshop). We already are at 300, so register as soon as possible!
  • Program: the draft can be downloaded here
  • Call for paper: we have received more than 300 abstracts, response to authors soon and surely before then end of July. Sorry for the delay!
  • Accommodations: book it as soon as possible, check the options here. Otherwise, with a hospitality club or couch surfing, it can be for free, or if you rent a flat with others it can be as low as 20 euro per night.
  • Funding: donations or any kind of contributions are welcome (No Corporates, No Banks)
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