Human Population and the Sixth Mass Extinction


There is widespread consensus among scientists and conservationists that we are in the midst of the Sixth Mass Extinction, and that human beings are its cause.

As the world’s population grows, so does demand for food, water, land, and other resources, while carbon emissions increase with each new carbon emitter. While many scientists and conservationists acknowledge the link between human population growth and shrinking biodiversity, few mainstream conservation organisations are calling for action to address it.

Population Matters’ 2019 conference brings together scientists and campaigners to examine the problem, and discuss the solutions.


The conference is FREE and open to our members and the public.

When? It will be held on Saturday, 27th April 2019, 2 pm-5 pm, Doors open at 1:30 pm

Where? The Light, Friends House, 173 Euston Road, London, NW1 2BJ

How to get there.

Please check out the directions via tube, bus, car, rail, bike, and the airport. Also, check out the information on accessibility.

For more information, contact:

Our deep thanks to The Catalysts Foundation for supporting the Population Matters conference.

For conference registration and speaker list visit


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