Ocean Pasture Restoration

Ocean Pasture Restoration

COP-25 Madrid Spain

December 13, 2019

The climate negotiations are focusing on ‘mitigation’, that is, reducing society’s carbon emissions, and adaptation, adjusting to the climate change that cannot be avoided. However, the restoration of a safe climate for future generations is largely ‘under the radar’. There is talk of technologies to withdraw C02 from the air, and talk of planting trees, but proposed solutions are mostly land-based approaches.

The Earth is mostly a blue, water-covered planet, with about 72% of its surface covered with oceans. The capacity of plankton in the ocean to re-purpose huge amounts of CO2 into rich marine biodiversity is an overlooked way of restoring the health of the oceans and the climate of Earth.

We are pleased to present this program on the overlooked capabilities of Ocean Pasture Restoration.

Please do watch it all the way through, then share it widely.