E4A Webinar March 24 at Noon

Economics for the Anthropocene“Anthropocene to the Ecozoic”
Webinar on Wednesday, March 25 at 12 noon EDT

This Wednesday at 12 noon EDT is the next webinar in our series “From the Anthropocene to the Ecozoic”.  The last Wednesday of every month we’ll be highlighting the work of graduate students, faculty, and collaborators in the Economics for the Anthropocene(E4A) and Leadership for the Ecozoic (L4E) graduate research and training partnerships.

The term “Anthropocene” is used by geologists to distinguish our current reality of a human-dominated geological epoch.  The “Ecozoic” is an aspirational term coined by the eco-theologian Thomas Berry as a call for a new era of mutually beneficial relations between humans and all of life.  In this monthly series, we’ll discuss the research and action that could inspire, enable, and co-create a flourishing Earth community.

This week’s talks highlight food systems research, including:

  • “Food that’s Not for Sale” by Sam Bliss, UVM Rubenstein School Ph.D., and E4A student;
  • “Regenerative Agriculture: Research Updates from a Champlain Valley Farm” by Dr. Juan Alvez, UVM Extension Faculty; and
  • “Wellington Hall Academy: Elementary Agriculture and Mindful Making” by Dr. Katie Kish, E4A McGill University post-doctoral associate

Webinars are live cast via Zoom at https://zoom.us/j/900195248.  Talks are designed to be short research overviews with ideas on actionable outcomes.  Recordings will be posted at the A2E YouTube Playlist for further sharing and discussion.

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