Economics and Climate Emergency

Economics and Climate Emergency

Special Issue of the Journal Globalizations

Introduction to the SI

Gills, B. and J. Morgan. 2020a. ‘Economics and climate emergency’. Globalizations: 1-16.

Contents (alphabetical)

Bacevic, J. 2020. ‘Unthinking knowledge production: from post-Covid to post-carbon futures’. Globalizations: 1-13.

Dale, G. 2020. ‘Rule of nature or rule of capital? Physiocracy, ecological economics, and ideology’. Globalizations: 1-18.

Fox, N. J. and P. Alldred. 2020. ‘Economics, the climate change policy-assemblage and the new materialisms: towards a comprehensive policy’. Globalizations: 1-11.

Galbraith, J. K. 2020. ‘Economics and the climate catastrophe’. Globalizations: 1-6.

Gills, B. and J. Morgan. 2020b. ‘Teaching climate complacency: mainstream economics textbooks and the need for transformation in economics education’. Globalizations: 1-17.

Goodman, J. and J. Anderson. 2020. ‘From climate change to economic change? Reflections on ‘feedback’’. Globalizations: 1-12.

Keen, S. 2020. ‘The appallingly bad neoclassical economics of climate change’. Globalizations: 1-29.

Spash, C. L. 2020a. ‘Apologists for growth: passive revolutionaries in a passive revolution’. Globalizations: 1-26.

Spash, C. L. 2020b. ‘‘The economy’ as if people mattered: revisiting critiques of economic growth in a time of crisis’. Globalizations: 1-18.

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