FacingFuture.TV Call for Editors

Stuart Scott, our representative to the annual COP, the UN-sponsored climate negotiations, is in need of some volunteer assistance.  He transitioned from ClimateMatters.TV for several COPs to ScientistsWarning.TV for a few more.  Now he has broadened his focus yet again, and leads a ‘Facing Future’ initiative, with FacingFuture.TV as his ‘branding’, and a nascent FacingFuture. Earth domain yet to be populated.


Stuart is looking for volunteers within the EE community, and the time commitment is small unless you have extra time on your hands in this COVID nascent period.  His predilection has been for years that humanity will only prosper if and to the extent we abandon the current growth economic system that has seized control of civilization and instead institute ecological, steady-state economics and degrowth principles.  His work is always aimed in that direction.

Stuart has been a strategic advisor to the ISEE for some years now, and you may recall that he arranged for our past president, Clóvis Cavalcanti and Stuart himself to meet with Pope Francis several years ago.

To contact him and discuss the needs of this initiative and your available time, skills, and experience, please email him at stuart.h.scott@gmail.com.

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