Global Urban Lecture Series


United Nations Human Settlements Programme and Claudio Acioly, Jr. are pleased to announce the public launch of the Global Urban Lecture Series!

The link below will lead you to the first batch of the lectures.  There is more to come. See the videos of the lectures and the introduction made by Dr. Joan Clos, Executive Director of UN-Habitat below.

The series is an online and easily accessible repository of 15 min video lectures that makes available the knowledge and experience of world renowned scholars, experts and leading UN-Habitat staff. The Global Lecture Series is offered to universities, urban practitioners, researchers and policy makers, and the general public who is interested in cities and sustainable urbanization.

The lectures focus on thematic areas that connects closely with UN-Habitat’s mandate and priorities, presenting a sound analysis of a problem and the propositions to resolve it, drawing on concrete examples and empirical evidences that demonstrate how such propositions actually work, are being tested or have been implemented.

The videos are useful products to be used in various forms e.g.

  1. self-learning and as a refresher course;
  2. addition to existing curricula and regular courses offered by universities and training institutions;
  3. resource for new curricula and course development.

The Global Urban Lecture Series is part and parcel of the Habitat UNI, the UN-Habitat partnership with universities currently involving 149 university partners and 1,359 individual members, financed by the Governments of Sweden and Norway.  Please, share this email and the links below with your networks. 

The Global Urban Lectures will continuously launch new materials. You can keep up with the new additions by doing one of the following:

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