Highlander Center Developing Ecological Economics Education Materials

Highlander Center
seeks support developing popular
education materials on ecological economics

Highlander Research and Education CenterThe Highlander Research and Education Center is looking for help to develop some popular education materials that could help people understand ecological economics, how the current economy ignores thermodynamics, and what will be required in a new sustainable economy.

Highlander has been supporting frontline, directly-affected communities (people of color, indigenous, youth, working class, immigrant, poor, and rural) in the Southern United States for 86 years through our education, research, and organizing methodologies, rooted in popular education. Highlander is supporting groups as they fight against the current economics and governance system and try to build a new social solidarity economy for a democratic, just, and sustainable future. One new tool in that fight is the Mapping Our Futures Economics and Governance curriculum, which we are sharing widely and using to help communities understand the current economy and governance systems and envision and build solidarity economies and participatory governance.

I encourage you to take a look at the curriculum and imagine the possibility of developing some popular education materials to complement this curriculum that help people understand ecological economics and what ecological economics says about what will be required to create a sustainable economy. If you or any of your colleagues have resources, time, expertise, and/or energy available for helping build out some curricular materials on this subject for Highlander to share with social movements and communities across the South and the country, please email David Ferris, Education Team or call 1-865-742-4514. The website is www.highlandercenter.org.


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