ISEE 2016 Presentations

ISEE2016 Transforming the Economy: Sustaining Food, Water, Energy and Justice

ISEE 2016 Presentations

Transforming the Economy: Sustaining Food, Water, Energy and Justice

Alternative visions for leveraging the food-water nexus for a sustainability transition: The Case of India; Rimjhim Aggarwal

Can interbasin water transfer for stream restoration be economically justified? The case of the Ayun Nature Reserve, Israel; Ariel Akron

The Economics of Ecosystem-Based Adaptation: Measurement, Valuation and Uncertainties; Mahbubul Alam, PhD

Asset Prices and Inequality; Joseph Ament

Urban water services and greenhouse emissions: Towards an environmentally sensitive regulatory approach; Jay Ananda, PhD

Resilience towards hurricane in coastal communities in Oaxaca MexicoDra. Sophie Ávila Foucataand F. Martínez

Evolution and Complexity: How the Universe created wealth (diversity)and how humans are destroying it.Is there a future for mankind?Robert U. Ayres

Understanding forest ecosystem services flows and public preferences for forest management in JapanKen Bagstad, Takahiro Ota, Hiroshi Hashimoto, Takuro Uehara

What kind of policy is best suited to contain deforestation in Brazil?Thais Bannwart and Bastiaan Philip Reydon

The New National Sustainable Agriculture Standard:ANSI/LEO-4000; Stowe Beam

The Urgency of Upgrading Our Climate Accounting: A Roadmap to Climate Stabilization; Stowe Beam

The Role of Indigenous Cultures in Securing Sustainable Economic Development Of Mineral & Energy Resources: Australia & Sweden; Dr. Boyd Blackwell

Towards methodological standardization of the European alternative measures of economic welfare; Brent Bleys, Hans Diefenbacher, Benjamin Held, Dorothee Rodenhauser

Post-normal speculation in macro design of a wealth-based economy where: Real wealth is a measurement of a robust ecology and of the general health and happiness of the people!; Blue Planet Governance

Dynamic regulation of human-activity through socio/biophysical economics; Blue Planet Governance

Developing law for bioeconomyDr. Suvi Borgström, Dr. VolkerMauerhofer

The Economics of Equity: Insights from Econophysics and the BDY Model; G.H. Boyle

Sustainability ≠ Social Justice How Do We Make These Goals Compatible?; Garvin H Boyle

Modeling Intergenerational Sustainability; Garvin H Boyle

The Economic Implications ofThe Maximum Power Principle For a Sustainable Society; Garvin H Boyle

An Integrated Framework for Linking Ecosystem Services Valuation with Freshwater Flow in the Florida EvergladesChristina E. Brown, Mahadev Bhat, Jennifer Rehage, Ross Boucek, Jason Osborne, Pallab Mozumder, and Victor C. Engel

Economics, Thermodynamics and Entropy: The impact of resources and climate change on economic output.John Bryant

Economics, Thermodynamics and Entropy: Parallels, differences and construction; John Bryant

Economics, Thermodynamics and Entropy: The impact of resources and climate change on economic output: Summary; John Bryant

Economics, Thermodynamics and Entropy: The impact of resource constraints and climate changeJohn Bryant

Lifecycle assessment and net energy analysis:birds of a feather or uneasy bedfellows?; Michael Carbajales-Dale, David Murphy

The Damned Shawsheen: A Documentary; Brandon Cardwell, Alexandra “Xandra” Fileccia

Transforming Energy Systems, Reducing Emissions And Creating JobsShouvik Chakraborty

An Egalitarian Green Growth Program for IndiaShouvik Chakraborty

Climate change peril on wheat productivity in India: assessing the role of farmers’ adaptation in ensuring food security; Chandan Kumar Jha, Vijaya Gupta

Groundwater Use, Productivity and Market Participation in India: Implications for ReformsN.Chandrasekhara Rao, JeenaT.Srinivasan

Green Returns to Education: Does Schooling Contribute to Pro-Environmental Behaviours? Evidence from ThailandThanyaporn Chankrajang, Raya Muttarak

Bringing Biophysical Economics to the policy arena: opportunities and challengesFrançois-Xavier Chevallerau

The Heart of Borneo: the nexus of bioregional transition, indigenous environmental ethics and environmental sustainabilityChoy Yee Keong

The Trophic Theory of Money: For Sound Economic Policy and “Strong Ecological Economics”; Brian, Czech

Sustaining the Ski Industry: An Ecological Economic Perspective; Michael Daley

Monetary valuation of natural predators for biological pest control in pear production; Silvie Daniels, Steven VanPassell

THE ENERGY PILLARS DIAGRAM –An Effective Communication Tool For Biophysical Economists?John Day, Christopher D’Elia, Charles A.S. Hall, Adrian Wiegman, Jeff Rutherford, Robert Lane

Energy return on energy invested (EROEI) empirical model of an organic integrated animal and vegetable farm in KentuckyMatthew S. Deason, John R. Schramski, and Krista L. Jacobsen

The Practice of Dam Removal and River Restoration in MassachusettsDivision of Ecological Restoration

New developments in fisheries management –moving towards sustainable food systems?Ralf Döring

Governing the water-energy nexus related to hydropower on international rivers: what role for river basin and regional energy organizations?Ines Dombrowsky, Waltina Scheumann

Silvopasture and Riparian Agroforestry in Santa Catarina: An Alternative Approach to Ecosytem Services; Ben Dube, Abdon Schmidt-Filho, Josh Farley, Alfredo Fantini

Was Allen right? Energy prices in Great Britain and Sweden in historical perspectiveCristian Ducoing, Magnus Lindmark, Fredrik Olsson – Spjut

Modelling hydrological services for ecosystem accounting; Confidence Duku, Prof.Dr.Lars Hein, Dr.Sander Zwart

Region-specific drivers of and barriers to organic farming in GermanyClaudia Düvelmeyer and Axel Schaffer

Family Planning and Environmental Sustainability: Assessing the ScienceRobert Engelman

Water-land nexus relationships in socio-economic systemDelin Fang

Biophysical Economics in ChinaLianyong Feng, JianliangWang, Jingxuan Feng

Beyond the ‘Resource Curse’ at Macro level: Local impacts of mining and adolescent childbearingDavid A. Fleming

Interlinked thinking as a tool to tackle complexity; Vicky Forgie; Marjan van den Belt, Garry McDonald

The System of Accounts for Global Entropy Production, (SAGE-P), the accounts of the Low Entropy Fund (LEF) available for Human Consumption in the Ecosphere, [Sociosphere, (Ecosphere)]Anthony Friend

Water-Energy-Food Nexus and water engineering projects in a water scarce region: The Lower Jordan River basin as a case studyRyuichi Fukuhara

Understanding and valuing the marine ecosystem services of the Northern Mozambique Channel ; Andrea Ghermandi, Paulo A.L.D. Nunes

Examining the Relationship Between Local Food Market Availability and County-level Food System Related Economic OutcomesSherrie K. Godette, PhD

Food deserts, Farmers’ Market Availability, and Market FailureSherrie K. Godette, PhD

Is environmental change a primary cause of migration? Empirical evidence from flood-prone communities in Ghana and IndonesiaCarina Goldbach

Responding to Disturbances: Lessons from a Mayan Social-Ecological SystemMaría Gabriela González Cruz, y Eduardo García Frapolli

Fuel Poverty vs Fuel Obesity – what smart meters tell usJoão Pedro Gouveia, Julia Seixas

Ecosystem service approaches to sustainably manage terrestrial landscapesSuzie Greenhalgh, Estelle Dominati

Managing the Scale & Distribution of Nonpoint Source Pollution:Lessons from Agriculture; Suzie Greenhalgh

Eating more sustainably by trimming off the excess—what about discretionary foods?; Michalis Hadjikakou

Network Analysis of Distance from Rural Water Wells to Public Health Testing Labs in AlbertaDavid Hall, PhD and Abraham Munene, MSc

Engaging with Local Communities to Address Complex Coastal Management Issues: Cross-Cultural Collaborative Research in New Zealand; Derrylea Hardy

Teaching Ecological Economics: Climate, Energy, Water; Jonathan M. Harris and Anne-Marie Codur

ECOLOGICAL MACROECONOMICS: Responding to Climate ChangeJonathan M. Harris

Alternative Economic Welfare Measurement in Germany –The National and Regional Welfare Index (NWI/RWI): Why we need a better indicator for measuring welfare than GDP; Dipl. Volksw. Benjamin Held, Prof. Dr. Hans Diefenbacher, and Dorothee Rodenhäuser, M. A.

Land control and the social re-appropriation of resources under recent ecotourism projects in the Eastern Highlands of Chiapas, MexicoPablo Hernandez

Environmental Justice Over The Global Life Cycle of Renewable EnergyJoan Hoffman

Measuring Economic and Social Impacts of Farmers’ MarketXiaochu Hu, Ph.D.

Sustainability transitions of scientific disciplinesJanne I. Hukkinen and Inge Røpke

Friluftslivas a way to nature conscienceAre Ingulfsvann, Ph.D

Rethinking Agreement? Reflections on the implications of nudging experiments in an ongoing regime change within Finnish silvicultureNina Janasik-Honkela, Ari Jokinen, Maria Åkerman, Janne Hukkinen

CO2 emission profiles for mobility behavior in AustriaJulia Janke; Michael Miess, Stefan Schmelzer

What future should we count on?Jens Stissing Jensen, IngeRøpke

The intrinsic food price: A new metric for global food policyLili Jia

Shaping the urban future: Engaging students in sustainable management and design solutions; Lea R. Johnson

Reexamining the Social Context of Critical Natural Capital; Kazuki Kagohashi

Ecosystem service governance for urban sustainability: Smart governance as an answer to heat islands in citiesAlfred Kaiser. TatianaKluvánková

Implications of Seed Policies for On-farm Agro-biodiversity and Informal Seed Systems in Ethiopia and UgandaAltinay Karasapan and Andrew Currier

Bulk goods as an imperfect abstraction of the physical worldEric Kemp-Benedict and Trang Luu

A low-carbon transition in a wage-led growth regimeEric Kemp-Benedict

Indicators for sustainable energy development for Austria (ISED-AT): Residential buildings and electricity and heat supply; Claudia Kettner

Sectoral allocation patterns in the EU Emission Trading Scheme; Claudia Kettner

Mathematics and logic of Net Energy Assessments; Carey W. King

Quantifying (net) Energy and Complexity of the U.S. Economy 2016Carey W. King

Water quality management in the Lake Baikal region of RussiaDr., Prof. Sergey Kirillov and Dr., Prof. Mikhail Slipenchuk

How do we like our waters to be? Ecological-economic perspectives on the European Water Framework Directive; Prof. Dr. Bernd Klauer

Opportunities for incorporating the economy-environment interdependence in the undergraduate curriculumChristie Klimas

Biophysical and Social Determinants of Economic Stagnation and Degrowth; Kent Klitgaard, Charles A.S. Hall, M. muin Uddin, Michael Sciotti and Marina Fargnoli

Enhancing the well-being of Europenmountain regions by innovative governance models: The Carbon forestry CPR regimeTatiana Kluvankova, Michal V. Marek, Stanka Brnkalakova, Urban Kovac

Innovator’s Profit at Risk:Findings from the Photovoltaic Industry, 1954-2015; Yu-li Ko

Sustaining urban ecosystem services: The multiple benefits of urban green spacesUrban Kováč, Tatiana Kluvánková, Alfréd Kaiser

Global income inequality and carbon footprintsKuishuang Feng and Klaus Hubacek, Giovanni Baiocchi, Anand Patwardhan

Creating a Culture of Collaboration:Operationalizing Interdisciplinary ResearchWhitney Lash-Marshall

Frugal innovations in circular economy: Exploring possibilities and challenges in emerging marketsJarkko Levänen & Sara Lindeman

Articulating EcoSystem Services Values a Participatory Framework to Support Decision-Making; Rita Lopes and Nuno Videira

Investigating the relationship between cancer and economic development; T Luzzati and T Rughi

Shale gas for a low carbon economy? The limiations we have to consider.; Cristina Madrid-Lopez

An empirical economic model to reveal behaviour characteristics driving the evolution of agriculture in BelgiumDries Maes and Steven Van Passel

The UMass Amherst Urban Agriculture and Nutriion Program: Increasing Fresh Produce Consumption and Production in Urban Settings; Frank Mangan, Zoraia Barros, Aline Marchese, Heriberto Godoy-Hernández, Lindiwe Sibeko, Lisa Sullivan-Werner, and Elizabeth Harrington

Transforming policy, transforming the landscape: socio-ecological land use scenarios for native forest conservation in ChileDaniela Manuschevich and Ricardo González

Ecological Distribution Conflicts and the EJATlas; J. Martínez-Alier

Ecosystem services tradeoffs on behalf of future generationsGeorgia Mavrommati, Shannon Rogers, Mark Borsuk and Richard Howarth

Introduction to Calculus based (Bio-)Physical Economics Synthesis of Social and Natural Sciences?Jürgen Mimkes

Systems Science and Biophysical/Ecological EconomicsGeorge Mobus, PhD

Environmental Justice and the Print Media During the Implementation of SuperfundRobert D. Mohr, Shrawantee Saha, and Marco Vincenzi

Multifunctionality and natural resource management strategies: a comparative from two social forms of land tenure in MexicoAna SofíaMonroy Sais

The Natural Gas Boom: Impacts on land use and ecosystem function in the deciduous forest biome of North America; Matthew D. Moran, Maureen R. McClung, A. Brandon Cox, Rachel L. Wells, Mimi Rebein, Nathan Taylor, and Minsahng SongU

Using Deliberative Monetary Valuation to Analyze Synergies and Trade-Offs between Aquatic Ecosystem Services in an Irrigated Mediterranean Watershed; Sylvie Morardet, Marine Jourdren, Paule-Erika Ceresil

Sustainability Assessment of Agro-Ecological Systems an Integrated Approach; Dr. Moretti Michele and Pr. Dr. Steven Van Passel

China-India-Bangladesh in the Trans-boundary Water Issues: a Game Theoretic Analysis;
Lekha Mukhopadhyay

International Trade in Environment Technologies: The Participation of Brazil and China; Renata Muniz do Nascimento and Luciana Togeiro de Almeida

Capitalism without Growth or Degrowth beyond Capitalism?Barbara Muraca

Rethinking Ecosystem Services as Care relations: a Feminist Ecological Economics approach; Barbara Muraca

A Growth Model with Social Welfare and Contemporaneous Externalities; Engelbert Stockhammer and Asjad Naqvi

Small-Scale Farming, Forest Based-Activities and Deforestation in the Tridom Transboundary Sentinel Landscape -Congo Basin (Work in progress); Jonas Ngouhouo Poufoun, Sabine Chaupain-Guillot, and Eric Kere Nazindigouba

Ever more infrastructure for no gain: The cost of UK population growthDr Jane O’Sullivan and Roger Martin

Using ecosystem service valuations to inform management and adaptation: A case study of the Velondriake Locally Managed Marine Area in Madagascar; KLL Oleson, M Barnes, B Zafindrasilivonona, L Brander, P van Beukering

Hope, Politics and Risk: The Case of a Failed Chinese Dam in Nigeria; Olorunfemi Felix, Tan-Mullins May, Mohan Giles, Siciliano Giuseppina, and Urban Frauke

Teaching the Trio: Using Examples from Hawaii to Incorporate the WEF Nexus into the Ecological Economics CurriculumRegina Ostergaard-Klem, PhD

What Features Should Have a Cryptocurrency to Promote Sustainable Development?Ranulfo Paiva Sobrinho and Ademar Ribeiro Romeiro

Implementation of the International Standard on Phytosanitary Measures, ISPM 15 (Regulation of wood packaging material in international trade): An empirical analysis of how the regulation affects the economy of a group of countries in Africa.Elissaios Papyrakis and Luca Tasciotti

An Epistemic Cognitive Approach to Ecological Economics & Science: A Case Study of Participatory Planning of Coastal City Resilience & EquityJohn Ruppert and Paul Bartlett

Water and Health. The impact of regional development on water pollution: The case of the Santiago River Basin, Jalisco, Mexico; Salvador Peniche-Camps and Martin Romero

Including an Environmental Dimension into Multidimensional Poverty MeasurementVanessa Pérez-Cirera, PhD, Oliver López-Corona, PhD, Francisco Carrera, and Graciela Teruel, PhD

Commons and Climate Justice: Ecofeminist and Indigenous PathsPatricia E. Perkins

Natural Capital Protocol; Rosimeiry Portela

Eco-efficiency of Metal sector: An application of Output Distance Approach in Indian contextMousami Prasad, Trupti Mishra, Varadraj Bapat

Dams and Dam Removal in New England: The Dammed Shawsheen CourseNejem Raheem and Jon Honea

Can REDD+ social safeguards reach the ‘right’ people? Lessons from MadagascarMahesh Poudyal, Bruno S. Ramamonjisoa, Neal Hockley, O. Sarobidy Rakotonarivoa, James M. Gibbons, Rina Mandimbiniaina, Alexandra Rasoamanana, Julia P.G. Jones

Determinants of land-conflict in indigenous lands in southern ChileRicardo González, Mario Niklitschek, and Oscar Cacho

Promoting Policy Formulation at the State Level in IndiaKV Raju and A Ravindra

Cooperative agreements between farmers and water suppliers successfully addressing diffuse pollution in in the watershed of the Wahnbachtalsperre, Bonn/GermanyCarmen Richerzhagen & WaltinaScheumann

Biodiversity, ecosystem services and environmental conflicts in Colombia Ecosystem services as an inclusive social metaphor for the analysis and management of environmental conflicts.Alexander Rincón Ruiz, Simón Viera, Mario Pérez, Diana Lara, Johny Rojas, and Jorge Rubiano

Ecosystem Services in Cities –Protecting Human Health and Increasing Quality of LifeIrene Ring, Ingo Kowarik, Robert Bartz, Miriam Brenck, Bernd Hansjürgens, Christoph Schröter-Schlaack, Urs Moesenfechtel

Exploring the Gaps in the Gig Economy Using a Web-based Survey: Para-data Analysis of the Changing Work EcosystemBárbara J. Robles and Marysol McGee

Is social justice really lost in current carbon market design?Sven Rudolph and Achim Lerch

Cost-effectiveness in water related ecosystem services conservationDr. Oscar Sarcinelli and Prof. Dr. AdemarR. Romeiro

Income and Environmental Performance across Indian States and Union Territories: A Regression AnalysisRakesh Saxena

Explaining Agricultural Technology Adoption Using Choice Experiments and System DynamicsLaura Schmitt-Olabisi, Robert Richardson, Kurt Waldman, Jelili Adebiyi, Philip Grabowski, Paul Rogé

Food, the Biosphere, and Human Metabolism: Urbanization Data Quantifies Thermodynamic DecayJohn R. Schramski, Garrett H. Steck, Dylan B. Munn, James H. Brown

Fossil energy in economic growth: A study of the energy direction of technical change, 1950-2012; Gregor Semieniuk

The Gender Implications of Forest Degradation in the Poor HouseholdsAlok Sen

Copping with Climate change and Human Development: An exploration on Bihar, India; Sibananda Senapati

SWAMPED: Mapping and Measuring Food Access in ClevelandMd Rumi Shammin, Paul Boehnlein, Mimi Stern, Isabella McKnight

Contested Value: Alternative Discourses of Payments for Ecosystem Services in MexicoElizabeth Shapiro-Garza

Operationalizing the safe and just space for humanity in national economiesPeter Søgaard Jørgensen

The Uncertainty of the Landowner in Deciding to Comply with the New Brazilian Forest Code; Manoel T. Soriano, Roldan Muradian, Ronaldo Seroa da Motta, Claude A. M. J. Cohen

Green Amenities, Local Food, and Economic Justice in a Large US City: The Legacy of Greenworks PhiladelphiaJohn A. Sorrentino

Ecosystem services as if people mattered; Joachim H. Spangenberg

Groundwater irrigation and sustainable intensification of agricultural production systems: A study in IndiaJeena T Srinivasan and N Chandrasekhara Rao

The Socio-Economic and Ecological Subordination of Roma in SlovakiaTamara Steger and Richard Filcak

Assessing the ‘value’ of the ecosystem services by quantifying their contribution to wellbeing: what have we learned and what knowledge gaps remain?Natalie Stoeckl, Michelle Esparon, Marina Farr, Diane Jarvis, Christina Hicks, Silva Larson, Aurelie Delisle, Qian Li, Cheryl Joy Fernandez, Adriana Chacon

Towards improving ecosystem service valuation: macroeconomic, microeconomic,
and dynamic considerations; David Timmons

Teaching Institutional Decarbonization EconomicsDavid Timmons

Uncovering Multi-Level Governance and Policy Idea Transfer in Energy Policy Using Topic Modelling on Large Policy CorpusesArho Toikka and Karoliina Isoaho

The value of improving biodiversity in a rocky habitat ecosystem by removing ALDFGStefania Tonin

Impact of Preservation of Subsoil Water Act on Groundwater Depletion: The Case of Punjab, IndiaAmarnath Tripathi, Ashok K. Mishra, and Geetanjali Verma

Has rising income in Brazil lead to more energy intensive consumption?Luís Gustavo Tudeschini

Complexity: The Connection Between Fossil Fuel EROI, Human Energy EROI, and DebtGail Tverberg

An operational and theoretically sound sustainability assessment framework for integrated coastal zone management: Satoumi, ecosystem services approach, and inclusive wealthTakuro Uehara, Keito Mineo, and Takahiro Ota

Climate change impact on rainfed versus irrigated farm systems: does the threshold matter?; Janka Vanschoenwinkel and Steven Van Passel

Evaluating Nuclear Energy from the view points of Social Costs, Social Capital, and Social Justice: Observing impacts to the communities in the Navajo Nation and Fukushima, Japan; Yoshihiko Wada, PhD

A Market-Based Approach to Agricultural Non-Point Source Reductions: Water Quality Trading Experiences & Estimation Tools; Sara Walker

Trends in Non-State Actor Influence on Environmental PolicyJoseph S. Weiss, Elimar Pinheiro do Nascimento, Maria Amélia Enríquez; Peter H. May, Stanislav Shmelev, Walter A. Pengue, Zhu Dajian

UN Environmental Policy: Non-State Actors, Trends and the Regulatory Role of the StateJoseph S. Weiss, Elimar Pinheiro do Nascimento, Maria Amélia Enríquez; Peter H. May, Stanislav Shmelev, Walter A. Pengue, Zhu Dajian

Food Security: Inconvenient QuestionsRichard E. White

Long term forecasts for oil prices: a review of oil supply, energy market models, and the range of future trajectories for oil price.Adrian R.H. Wiegman, J.W. Day, C.F. D’Elia, C.A.S. Hall, D.J. Murphy, J.S. Rutherford, R.R. Lane

Choosing a Path in the Anthropocene: An Ecological Economics Assessment of Public Sector Decision Analysis FrameworksMichael Wironen, Alvaro Palazuelos, Nicholas Cole, Anna Kusmer, James Arruda

Contingent Valuation and Deliberative Monetary Valuation: Examining Divergence in WTP Figures Generated; Brian Witt

Is Context and Complexity a Bridge Too Far? Metaphors for Infusing Multi-Level Governance in PolicyTimothy R. Wojan

Linking land and sea through an ecological-economic recreation modelTamara M. Wong, Kirsten L.L. Oleson, Kenneth J. Bagstad, Kim Falinski, Ferdinando Villa,
Stefano Balbi, Joey Lecky, Michele Barnes, Hla Htun, Jade M.S. Delevaux, Lindsay Veazey, Marcus Peng

The case for NNP-or inclusive wealth-linked bonds for sustainable developmentRintaro Yamaguchi

Rice intensive cropping and balanced cropping in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam – economic and ecological considerationsYen Dan Tong

Coordination problems of subnational policies for payments for watershed environmental services in BrazilCarlos Eduardo Frickmann Young and Biancca Scarpeline de Castro

Transforming Economic Growth and Redefining Economic Measures; Layza Soares