ISEE2016 Abstracts Accepted Until 15 December

ISEE2016 Abstracts

ISEE 2016

Transforming the Economy:
Sustaining Food, Water, Energy and Justice

As the Science of Science of Sustainability, Ecological Economics must advance the transformation of the economy to support rather than debilitate the processes that sustain our living planet. Most fundamental to such an economy is its support of basic live support systems like food, water and energy, and its support of social justice and a quality of life for all. The submission deadline to submit an abstract to ISEE 2016 has been extended until December 15.

Submit your abstract here and please share!

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1 Response to ISEE2016 Abstracts Accepted Until 15 December

  1. Paul Alvarez says:

    I am considering submitting an abstract for ISEE 2016 in Washington. Who goes to the ISEE conferences and how many are expected in 2016? How many came to the 2014 conference in Iceland? Thank you. (We must spend our outreach and education budget carefully).

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