ISSST 2019 Feedback and 2020 Call for Themes/Activities

International Symposium on Sustainable Systems and Technology

ISSST 2019 feedback request!
+ ISSST 2020 call for themes & organizers!

ISSST 2019

ISSST 2020

ISSST 2019 feedback

Thanks to all those who made it out to Portland last month for helping to make ISSST 2019 a success. Now that you’ve had a few weeks to unwind, we’d like to know how you enjoyed the conference and what we can do better. If you couldn’t make it, we’d like to hear about that too! The following survey consists of just a few short questions, and should only take a couple minutes:

ISSST 2020 call for themes and activities

We’re also gearing up for ISSST 2020, and need your help to make it an even bigger success! Please fill out the attached survey to tell us what themes and events you’d like to see next year. We’re also looking for volunteers/organizers, so now is your chance! Again, it’s just a few short questions and should only take a couple minutes:


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