Networking Ops in Run-up to Rio+20


Planet Under Pressure 2012
New Knowledge Towards Solutions
26-29 March 2012 • London, UK
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An international conference to provide scientific leadership towards the 2012 UN Conference on Sustainable Development – Rio+20

Organised by the global-change programmes of the International Council for Science.

Get involved…

Join more than 2500 international delegates, speakers, exhibitors and representatives from the world’s media at Planet Under Pressure 2012

  • Gain a complete an overview of the state of the planet and the pressures it is under
  • Discuss the options and opportunities for transformative change
  • Review the challenges and roadblocks to progress
  • Explore new ways in which science, policy and industry can work together to find solutions to the global sustainability challenge.

The comprehensive four day programme includes:


  • Data visualisation: Planet Under Pressure will bring together some of the world’s leading data visualization experts with the scientists and experts who generate the data.
  • Exhibition area: meet with representatives from more 40 exhibiting organisations
  • Networking opportunities: take this unique opportunity to interact with senior policymakers, industry leaders, NGOs, young scientists, the media, health specialists, and academics from many disciplines

Register now to take part in this significant conference in the run-up to Rio+20.

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