Online Environmental Values Articles

From Clive Spash
Latest articles in Environmental Values now online; many on climate change.

Environmental Values

Vol 24, No. 6
December 2015

Editorial: Climate of Arrogance, Disengagement and Injustice;
Simon Hailwood

Is it Arrogant to Deny Climate Change or is it Arrogant to Say it is Arrogant? Understanding Arrogance and Cultivating Humility in Climate Change Discourse and Education;
Matt Ferkany

Stability and Change in British Public Discourses about Climate Change between 1997 and 2010;
Stuart Capstick, Nicholas Pidgeon and Karen Henwood

Political Ambiguity in Chinese Climate Change Discourses;
Alex Y. Lo

Impure Procedural Justice in Climate Governance Systems;
Marco Grasso and Simona Sacchi

Managing Climate Change: Shifting Roles for NGOs in the Climate Negotiations;
Chandra Lal Pandey

Recently posted articles forthcoming in future issues

Steve Cooke
Animal Kingdoms: on habitat rights for wild animals
Accepted 26-08-2015

Recently posted reviews forthcoming in future issues

Brian Davey
Credo: Economic Beliefs in a World in Crisis

Andrew Hoffman
How Culture Shapes the Climate Change Debate

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