PhD Proposal: Modeling Shellfish Farming Socio-ecosystems as Part of an Ecosystem Approach

The ecosystem approach is increasingly acknowledged as the dominant paradigm for the management of renewable resources. Central to this is the ambition to move beyond sector-based policies and develop integrated approaches that consider interactions between the key ecological, economic and social dimensions of marine and coastal socio-ecosystems.

Few applications have been developed in the field of shellfish farming, particularly in the French context. With the aim of evaluating the sustainability of shellfish farming systems, this thesis will develop ecosystem-based modeling approaches based on two components: first, the development of an integrated model representing the interactions between ecological, biological and socioeconomic processes at the watershed and coastal zone scales; second, the use of this model to explore alternative management scenarios. The identification of scenarios will be based on existing institutional frameworks, including the EU Water Framework Directive, Marine Strategy Framework Directive, and regulations specific to the shellfish farming sector in France. The thesis will provide new insights with regards to the potential of and challenges for modeling approaches and tools, in supporting implementation of the ecosystem approach to aquaculture management.


Jose A Perez Agundez
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Olivier Thebaud
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