Post-Doctoral Job in ICM-CSIC


Job Vacancy:

One post-doctoral researcher in Energy and Environmental Modelling

The department of Physical and Technological Oceanography in the Institute of Marine Sciences in Barcelona (ICM-CSIC) is opening applications for one post-doctoral researcher. The ICM-CSIC is a multidisciplinary research center encompassing biologist, geologist and physical scientists.

ICM-CSIC is looking for a scientist with background in physics or mathematics to do research on modelling energy transition to renewable sources. Good programming skills in Python, Fortran and C are required for this position. Modelling issues and data analysis within the framework of the MEDEAS EU ( project will be the main subjects of the research. This position allows the selected postdoc to work with leading scientists in modelling energy systems. All the research subjects will be framed and driven by the construction to a new model to account for environmental, social and economic impacts of pathways in the transition to a post-carbon economy.


The candidate will produce and guide high-quality research outcomes in the form of project deliverables and publications in top scientific journals. Programming numerical routines and visual interfaces and good communication skills will be also considered.

Selection Criteria

A doctoral degree in physics of mathematics and experience in research projects within Ecological Economics, Ecology, Degrowth, Energy Analysis, Societal Metabolism, or other related fields. In addition, the candidate should have research experience and an advanced understanding of environmental, biophysical and energy related issues and evidence of skills in quantitative methods and modelling. Skills in Input-Output Analysis and Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) will be a plus. Excellent written and communication skills in English are essential.

Salary: 46.000 €/year

Contract duration: one year, with the possibility of extension to two years.

Please, interested persons send a CV and a statement letter to Jordi Solé (



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