Scientist Warning Newsletter June 2019

Scientist Warning Newsletter for June 2019

Following my cancer diagnosis, I underwent radiation and chemotherapy, under duress I must admit, and a scare tactic by the oncologist at our local hospital. The double whammy of both radically destructive treatments was that it devastated my immune system, and I ended up in the Emergency Room with a high fever and a precipitously low white blood cell count. I am now back home after having spent ten days in the hospital mostly being kept alive by IV since the radiation burns to my esophagus made it difficult to swallow anything.

I was having a very hard time speaking and eating for weeks, but my throat is healing and in general I am improving. Recovery is slow, and although I have been able to do a bit of climate work, I am focusing on resting and gaining weight (I was extremely thin to start with) so that I can travel to the Mayo Clinic for a diagnostic appointment soon. I’ll spend some time with my sons in Boston after that, hoping they will call me back for treatment.

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