Special Conference Invite for ISEE and Members

Airleap would like to invite the International Society for Ecological Economics and its members to a two-day economics conference on “An Urgency for Evidence and Transparency in Economic Analysis and Policy.”

The conference will take place near St. Louis, with two distinguished keynote speakers: Dr. Erika Groshen (former Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor Statistics) and Professor George DeMartino (author of The Economist’s Oath and coauthor of The Oxford Handbook on Professional Economic Ethics). We are calling for papers, organized sessions, or panel discussions on ecological economics that relate in some way to the title of the conference, or to integrity, ethics, or leadership in economics. We are also hoping that people will attend who may not have a presentation to give, but who would simply like to hear our presentations and engage in our group discussions.

In addition, we are making arrangements with the publisher ABC-Clio, to have selected papers from the conference to be published as chapters in an edited volume, whose working title is currently “Restoring Trust in Economic Analysis and Policy.” I should mention that publication would need to be approved through a peer-reviewed (double-blind) selection process and that all conference attendees will need to register for the conference (which has a small fee mentioned in the flyer) and be responsible for their own travel and lodging.

Dr. Steven Payson
Executive Director, Association for Integrity and Responsible Leadership in Economics and Associated Professions (AIRLEAP.org)
steven.payson@airleap.org, 202-306-4181

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