The 2nd International Conference: Optimum Utilization of Salt Affected Ecosystems in Arid Regions

First announcement

The 2nd International Conference on Optimum Utilization of Salt Affected Ecosystems in Arid Regions
Cairo, Egypt
8- 11 September, 2013

The conference will be organized by Desert Research Center (DRC), Egypt. It will be co-sponsored by international and national organizations. The conference will include invited keynote, oral and poster presentations.

It will focus on the main following topics:

  1. Impact of global climate change on salt affected ecosystems.
  2. Environmental aspects of salt affected ecosystems.
  3. Prospects for saline agriculture in arid regions.
  4. Halophytes as a source for renewable energy.
  5. Sustainable use of water resources in arid regions.
  6. Land use and management of salt affected soils.
  7. New technologies for improving plant resistance to salinity.
  8. Livestock and poultry production under salt affected conditions.
  9. Socio-economics and indigenous/traditional knowledge and heritage to enhance resilience of salt affected communities.

For more information, please visit the conference website:

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