The African Society for Ecological Economics

The African Society for Ecological Economics

We are happy to inform you that we have reactivated and reconstituted the African Society for Ecological Economists (ASEE).

ASEE has a new Board as some of the old members are unreachable. The new board voted to elect new office bearers in June/ July as follows:

  1. Prof. Jane Kabubo Mariara, President
  2. Prof. Kassim Kulinda, 1st Vice president
  3. Dr. Mokgadi Monamati, 2nd Vice President
  4. Prof. John Irungu Mburu, Treasurer
  5. Dr. Richard Mbithi Mulwa, General Secretary

The new team is committed to ensure growth of Ecological Economics in the continent and also elevate ASEE to levels comparable with the other continental societies in the coming years.

Presently we are in the final stages of regularizing the Society to conform to legal requirements in Kenya.

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  1. This is news of great joy for the entire ISEE community. I am happy because the reactivation of ASEE comes during my tenure as president of ISEE. We missed you, our fellow African colleagues, at ISEE 2018, in Puebla (Mexico).

    Wish you success!

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