2015 April Ecological Economics

Ecological EconomicsEcological Economics

Volume 112 , Pages 1-174, April 2015

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Towards sustainability in agro-forest systems? Grazing intensity, soil degradation and the socioeconomic profile of rural communities in Italy   Original Research Article
Pages 1-13
Luca Salvati, Margherita Carlucci

Strict versus mixed-use protected areas: Guatemala’s Maya Biosphere Reserve   Original Research Article
Pages 14-24
Allen Blackman

Carbon, climate, and economic breakeven times for biofuel from woody biomass from managed forests   Original Research Article
Pages 45-52
Mitch R. Withers, Robert Malina, Steven R.H. Barrett

Willingness to pay for unfamiliar public goods: Preserving cold-water coral in Norway Original Research Article
Pages 53-67
Margrethe Aanesen, Claire Armstrong, Mikołaj Czajkowski, Jannike Falk-Petersen, Nick Hanley, Ståle Navrud

Alien invasions and livelihoods: Economic benefits of invasive Australian Red Claw crayfish in Jamaica   Original Research Article
Pages 68-77
Thomas Pienkowski, Sophie Williams, Kurt McLaren, Byron Wilson, Neal Hockley

Watering the farm: Comparing organic and conventional irrigation water use in the Murray–Darling Basin, Australia   Original Research Article
Pages 78-85
Sarah Ann Wheeler, Alec Zuo, Adam Loch

A behavioral model of collective action in artisanal and small-scale gold mining   Original Research Article
Pages 98-109
Adrián Saldarriaga-Isaza, Santiago Arango, Clara Villegas-Palacio

Monetary accounting of ecosystem services: A test case for Limburg province, the Netherlands   Original Research Article
Pages 116-128
Roy P. Remme, Bram Edens, Matthias Schröter, Lars Hein

Effects of environmental regulation on actual and expected profitability   Original Research Article
Pages 129-140
Dylan G. Rassier, Dietrich Earnhart

Nutrient prices and concentrations in Midwestern agricultural watersheds   Original Research Article
Pages 141-149
Brent Sohngen, Kevin W. King, Gregory Howard, John Newton, D. Lynn Forster

Pollution havens and the trade in toxic chemicals: Evidence from U.S. trade flows Original Research Article
Pages 150-160
John P. Tang

Methodological and Ideological Options

Towards more accurate and policy relevant footprint analyses: Tracing fine-scale socio-environmental impacts of production to consumption   Original Research Article
Pages 25-35
Javier Godar, U. Martin Persson, E. Jorge Tizado, Patrick Meyfroidt

Strong sustainability, critical natural capital and the capability approach   Original Research Article
Pages 36-44
Jérôme Pelenc, Jérôme Ballet

Mindful capability   Original Research Article
Pages 86-97
Ramzi Mabsout

Microeconomic degrowth: The case of Community Supported Agriculture   Original Research Article
Pages 110-115
Marjolijn Bloemmen, Roxana Bobulescu, Nhu Tuyen Le, Claudio Vitari

On the fringe of green accounting — A review article
Pages 161-163
Salah El Serafy

Towards a fair, constructive and consistent criticism of all valuation languages: Comment on Kallis et al. (2013)
Pages 164-169
Elisabeth Gsottbauer, Ivana Logar, Jeroen van den Bergh

The limits of monetization in valuing the environment: A reply to Gsottbauer et al.
Pages 170-173
Giorgos Kallis, Erik Gómez-Baggethun, Christos Zografos


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