2015 February Ecological Economics

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Volume 110, Pages 1-162 (February 2015)

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News and Views

The cost of emission mitigation by legume crops in French agriculture
Pages 51-60
Benjamin Dequiedt, Dominic Moran


The materiality of the immaterial: Service sectors and CO2 emissions in Uruguay Original Research Article
Pages 1-10
Matías Piaggio, Vicent Alcántara, Emilio Padilla

‘Constant’ rebound effects in domestic heating: Developing a cross-sectional method Original Research Article
Pages 28-35
Ray Galvin

The determinants of private flood mitigation measures in Germany — Evidence from a nationwide survey Original Research Article
Pages 36-50
Daniel Osberghaus

An empirical analysis of joint residential electricity efficiency gains within and across end uses: implications for demand-side management Original Research Article
Pages 61-70
Nour-El Imane Bouhou, Michael F. Blackhurst, Pamela Torres

‘Growing your own’: A multi-level modelling approach to understanding personal food growing trends and motivations in Europe Original Research Article
Pages 71-80
A. Church, R. Mitchell, N. Ravenscroft, L.M. Stapleton

Biodiversity offset markets: What are they really? An empirical approach to wetland mitigation banking Original Research Article
Pages 81-88
Anne-Charlotte Vaissière, Harold Levrel

An ecological economic assessment of risk-reducing effects of species diversity in managed grasslands Original Research Article
Pages 89-97
Robert Finger, Nina Buchmann

Valuing the Barmah–Millewa Forest and in stream river flows: A spatial heteroskedasticity and autocorrelation consistent (SHAC) approach Original Research Article
Pages 98-105
Sorada Tapsuwan, Maksym Polyakov, Rosalind Bark, Martin Nolan

Renewable electricity producing technologies and metal depletion: A sensitivity analysis using the EROI Original Research Article
Pages 106-118
Florian Fizaine, Victor Court

Relocation or reallocation: Impacts of differentiated energy saving regulation on manufacturing industries in China Original Research Article
Pages 119-133
Junming Zhu, Matthias Ruth

Determinants of agricultural land values in Argentina Original Research Article
Pages 134-140
Johanna Choumert, Pascale Phélinas

The job generation impacts of expanding industrial cogeneration Original Research Article
Pages 141-153
Paul Baer, Marilyn A. Brown, Gyungwon Kim

Methodological and Ideological Options

Product as process — Commodities in mechanic and organic ontology Original Research Article
Pages 11-14
Knut J. Ims, Ove D. Jakobsen, Laszlo Zsolnai

Operationalizing an ecosystem services-based approach using Bayesian Belief Networks: An application to riparian buffer strips Original Research Article
Pages 15-27
Alistair McVittie, Lisa Norton, Julia Martin-Ortega, Ioanna Siameti, Klaus Glenk, Inge Aalders

Valuing nature, paying for ecosystem services and realizing social justice: A response to Matulis (2014)
Pages 154-157
Esteve Corbera

Valuing nature: A reply to Esteve Corbera
Pages 158-160
Brett Sylvester Matulis

Corrigendum to “Waste prevention and social preferences: The role of intrinsic and extrinsic motivations” [Ecol. Econ. 107 (2014); 163–176]
Pages 161
Grazia Cecere, Susanna Mancinelli, Massimiliano Mazzanti

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