2015 January Ecological Economics

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Ecological Economics
Volume 109 ,  Pages 1-234, January 2015

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100 percent reserve banking: A critical review of green perspectives
Pages 9-16
Kristofer Dittmer

Where is the value in valuing pollination ecosystem services to agriculture?
Pages 59-70
Andony P. Melathopoulos, G. Christopher Cutler, Peter Tyedmers

Unraveling the veil of fuzziness: A thick description of sustainability economics
Pages 194-202
Moritz C. Remig


Motivations for implementing environmental management practices in Indian industries Original Research Article
Pages 1-8
Neelam Singh, Suresh Jain, Prateek Sharma

Understanding how income influences willingness to pay for joint programs: A more equitable value measure for the less wealthy Original Research Article
Pages 17-25
William S. Breffle, Mark E. Eiswerth, Daya Muralidharan, Jeffrey Thornton

The power of environmental indifference. A critical discourse analysis of a collaboration of tourism firms Original Research Article
Pages 26-33
Heidi Rapp Nilsen, May-Britt Ellingsen

Metaphor as a mechanism of global climate change governance: A study of international policies, 1992–2012 Original Research Article
Pages 34-40
Christopher Shaw, Brigitte Nerlich

The fragility of the Environmental Kuznets Curve: Revisiting the hypothesis with Chinese data via an “Extreme Bound Analysis” Original Research Article
Pages 41-58
Haisheng Yang, Jie He, Shaoling Chen

The Vermont Common Assets Trust: An institution for sustainable, just and efficient resource allocation Original Research Article
Pages 71-79
Joshua Farley, Robert Costanza, Gary Flomenhoft, Daniel Kirk

The Kenneth E. Boulding Memorial Award 2014: Ecological economics: A personal journey Original Research Article
Pages 93-100
Peter A. Victor

Bigger cakes with fewer ingredients? A comparison of material use of the world economy Original Research Article
Pages 109-121
Frank Pothen, Michael Schymura

Actions and intentions to pay for climate change mitigation: Environmental concern and the role of economic factors Original Research Article
Pages 122-129
Christian Dienes

‘Yes-in-my-backyard’: Spatial differences in the valuation of forest services and local co-benefits for carbon markets in México Original Research Article
Pages 130-141
Arturo Balderas Torres, Douglas C. MacMillan, Margaret Skutsch, Jon C. Lovett

Connecting net energy with the price of energy and other goods and services Original Research Article
Pages 142-149
Robert A. Herendeen

Unraveling the effects of environmental outcomes and processes on financial performance: A non-linear approach Original Research Article
Pages 150-160
Nicola Misani, Stefano Pogutz

Ecosystem services and economic development in Austrian agricultural landscapes — The impact of policy and climate change scenarios on trade-offs and synergies Original Research Article
Pages 161-174
Mathias Kirchner, Johannes Schmidt, Georg Kindermann, Veronika Kulmer, Hermine Mitter, Franz Prettenthaler, Johannes Rüdisser, Thomas Schauppenlehner, Martin Schönhart, Franziska Strauss, Ulrike Tappeiner, Erich Tasser, Erwin Schmid

Leaving oil underground in Ecuador: The Yasuní-ITT initiative from a multi-criteria perspective Original Research Article
Pages 175-185
María Cristina Vallejo, Rafael Burbano, Fander Falconí, Carlos Larrea

Explaining the economic ‘irrationality’ of farmers’ land use behaviour: The role of productivist attitudes and non-pecuniary benefits Original Research Article
Pages 186-193
Peter Howley, Cathal Buckley, Cathal O Donoghue, Mary Ryan

Identifying the role of final consumption in structural path analysis: An application to water uses Original Research Article
Pages 203-210
Maria Llop, Xavier Ponce-Alifonso

Towards a thick understanding of sustainability transitions — Linking transition management, capabilities and social practices Original Research Article
Pages 211-221
Felix Rauschmayer, Tom Bauler, Niko Schäpke

Graphical abstract

A framework for guiding the management of urban stream health Original Research Article
Pages 222-233
H.K. Millington, J.E. Lovell, C.A.K. Lovell

Methodological and Ideological Options

The unfinished journey of ecological economics Original Research Article
Pages 101-108
Robert L. Nadeau

Publisher’s Note
Pages 80
Julian Rode, Erik Gómez-Baggethun, Torsten Krause

Corrigendum to “Participatory systems mapping for sustainable consumption: Discussion of a method promoting systemic insights” [Ecol. Econ. 106 (2014) 33–43]
Pages 234
Michal Sedlacko, Andre Martinuzzi, Inge Røpke, Nuno Videira, Paula Antunes

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