2015 March Ecological Economics

Cover image Ecological EconomicsEcological Economics
Volume 111, Pages 1-120 (March 2015)

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A stated preference valuation of the non-market benefits of pollination services in the UK
Pages 76-85
T.D. Breeze, A.P. Bailey, S.G. Potts, K.G. Balcombe


The value of environmental status signaling Original Research Article
Pages 1-11
Michael S. Delgado, Jessica L. Harriger, Neha Khanna

What influences the probability of wind farm planning approval: Evidence from Ireland Original Research Article
Pages 12-22
Thomas M. van Rensburg, Hugh Kelley, Nadine Jeserich

Valuing map validation: The need for rigorous land cover map accuracy assessment in economic valuations of ecosystem services Original Research Article
Pages 23-28
G.M. Foody

Dynamics of energy transitions under changing socioeconomic, technological and climate conditions in Northwest Germany Original Research Article
Pages 29-47
Matthias Ruth, Onur Özgün, Jakob Wachsmuth, Stefan Gößling-Reisemann

Recreational diver preferences for reef fish attributes: Economic implications of future change Original Research Article
Pages 48-57
David A. Gill, Peter W. Schuhmann, Hazel A. Oxenford

Evaluation of the environmental impact of weekly food consumption in different socio-economic households in Australia using environmentally extended input–output analysis Original Research Article
Pages 58-64
Christian John Reynolds, Julia Piantadosi, Jonathan David Buckley, Philip Weinstein, John Boland

The potential of Industrial Ecology in agri-food clusters (AFCs): A case study based on valorisation of auxiliary materials Original Research Article
Pages 65-75
Alberto Simboli, Raffaella Taddeo, Anna Morgante

What are shared and social values of ecosystems? Original Research Article
Pages 86-99
Jasper O. Kenter, Liz O’Brien, Neal Hockley, Neil Ravenscroft, Ioan Fazey, Katherine N. Irvine, Mark S. Reed, Michael Christie, Emily Brady, Rosalind Bryce, Andrew Church, Nigel Cooper, Althea Davies, Anna Evely, Mark Everard, Robert Fish, Janet A. Fisher, Niels Jobstvogt, Claire Molloy, Johanne Orchard-Webb, Susan Ranger, Mandy Ryan, Verity Watson, Susan Williams

Taking the sting out of Little Fire Ant in Hawaii Original Research Article
Pages 100-110
Donna J. Lee, Michael Motoki, Casper Vanderwoude, Stuart T. Nakamoto, PingSun Leung 

Governing complex commons — The role of communication for experimental learning and coordinated management Original Research Article
Pages 111-120
Therese Lindahl, Örjan Bodin, Maria Tengö 

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