2015 May Ecological Economics

Ecological EconomicsEcological Economics
Volume 113,  Pages 1-126, May 2015

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Compensation and Rewards for Environmental Services (CRES) and efficient design of contracts in developing countries. Behavioral insights from a natural field experiment
Pages 85-96
Sophie Clot, Fano Andriamahefazafy, Gilles Grolleau, Lisette Ibanez, Philippe Meral


Capturing the complexity of biodiversity: A critical review of economic valuation studies of biological diversity   Original Research Article
Pages 1-14
Bartosz Bartkowski, Nele Lienhoop, Bernd Hansjurgens

Forest owners’ willingness to accept contracts for ecosystem service provision is sensitive to additionality   Original Research Article
Pages 15-24
Suzanne Elizabeth Vedel, Jette Bredahl Jacobsen, Bo Jellesmark Thorsen

Reexamine SO2 emissions embodied in China’s exports using multiregional input–output analysis   Original Research Article
Pages 39-50
Qiaoling Liu, Qi Wang

Energy intensive lifestyles: Time use, the activity patterns of consumers, and related energy demands in Finland   Original Research Article
Pages 51-59
Mikko Jalas, Jouni K. Juntunen

The socio-economic drivers of material stock accumulation in Japan’s prefectures   Original Research Article
Pages 76-84
Tomer Fishman, Heinz Schandl, Hiroki Tanikawa

Graphical abstract

May Graphical Abstract

Harvesting benefits from habitat restoration: Influence of landscape position on economic benefits to pheasant hunters   Original Research Article
Pages 97-105
Scott Knoche, Frank Lupi, Ashley Suiter

Transport transitions in Copenhagen: Comparing the cost of cars and bicycles   Original Research Article
Pages 106-113
Stefan Gossling, Andy S. Choi

Exploring sprawl: Results from an economic agent-based model of land and housing markets   Original Research Article
Pages 114-125
Nicholas Magliocca, Virginia McConnell, Margaret Walls

Methodlogical and Ideological Options

A non-simplistic approach to composite indicators and rankings: an illustration by comparing the sustainability of the EU Countries   Original Research Article
Pages 25-38
T. Luzzati, G. Gucciardi

Combining discourse analyses to enrich theory: The case of local land-use policies in South Eastern France   Original Research Article
Pages 60-75
Laurence Delattre, Olivier Chanel, Cecile Livenais, Claude Napoleone


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