2018 December Ecological Economics

2018 December Ecological Economics Journal

Editorial Board, Ecological Economics
Volume 154

2018 December Ecological Economics Journal
ISSN 0921-8009

Ettore Bianchi, Cristian Accastello, Daniel Trappmann, Simone Blanc, Filippo BrunThe Economic Evaluation of Forest Protection Service Against Rockfall: A Review of Experiences and Approaches, Ecological Economics, Volume 154, December 2018, Pages 409-418

Mark SagoffWhat Is Invasion Biology?, Ecological Economics, Volume 154, December 2018, Pages 22-30

Xuqi Chen, Zhifeng Gao, Marilyn Swisher, Lisa House, Xin ZhaoEco-labeling in the Fresh Produce Market: Not All Environmentally Friendly Labels Are Equally Valued, Ecological Economics, Volume 154, December 2018, Pages 201-210

Bassirou Diop, Nicolas Sanz, Yves Jamont Junior Duplan, El Hadji Mama Guene, Fabian Blanchard, Jean-Christophe Pereau, Luc Doyen,
Maximum Economic Yield Fishery Management in the Face of Global Warming,
Ecological Economics, Volume 154, December 2018, Pages 52-61

Bernd SiebenhünerConflicts in Transdisciplinary Research: Reviewing Literature and Analysing a Case of Climate Adaptation in Northwestern Germany, Ecological Economics, Volume 154, December 2018, Pages 117-127

Ida Kubiszewski, Nabeeh Zakariyya, Robert CostanzaObjective and Subjective Indicators of Life Satisfaction in Australia: How Well Do People Perceive What Supports a Good Life?, Ecological Economics, Volume 154, December 2018, Pages 361-372

Tommi EkholmClimatic Cost-benefit Analysis Under Uncertainty and Learning on Climate Sensitivity and Damages, Ecological Economics, Volume 154, December 2018, Pages 99-106,

Jarkko Levänen, Tatu Lyytinen, Sebastian GaticaModelling the Interplay Between Institutions and Circular Economy Business Models: A Case Study of Battery Recycling in Finland and Chile, Ecological Economics, Volume 154, December 2018, Pages 373-382

Mariam Maki Sy, Hélène Rey-Valette, Monique Simier, Vanina Pasqualini, Charles Figuières, Rutger De WitIdentifying Consensus on Coastal Lagoons Ecosystem Services and Conservation Priorities for an Effective Decision Making: A Q Approach, Ecological Economics, Volume 154, December 2018, Pages 1-13

Rebecca Hartje, Dorothee Bühler, Ulrike GroteEat Your Fish and Sell It, Too – Livelihood Choices of Small-Scale Fishers in Rural Cambodia, Ecological Economics, Volume 154, December 2018, Pages 88-98

Fei Yuan, Kevin P. GallagherGreening Development Lending in the Americas: Trends and Determinants, Ecological Economics, Volume 154, December 2018, Pages 189-200

A.-S. Lafuite, G. Denise, M. LoreauSustainable Land-use Management Under Biodiversity Lag Effects, Ecological Economics, Volume 154, December 2018, Pages 272-281

Julia Martin-Ortega, Kerry A. WaylenPES What a Mess? An Analysis of the Position of Environmental Professionals in the Conceptual Debate on Payments for Ecosystem Services, Ecological Economics, Volume 154, December 2018, Pages 218-237

Insa TheesfeldFrom Land to Water Grabbing: A Property Rights Perspective on Linked Natural Resources, Ecological Economics, Volume 154, December 2018, Pages 62-70

H. Wang, P. ZhouAssessing Global CO2 Emission Inequality From Consumption Perspective: An Index Decomposition Analysis, Ecological Economics, Volume 154, December 2018, Pages 257-271

Elena C. Rubino, Elizabeth F. Pienaar, José R. SotoStructuring Legal Trade in Rhino Horn to Incentivize the Participation of South African Private Landowners, Ecological Economics, Volume 154, December 2018, Pages 306-316

Benjamin A. JonesForest-attacking Invasive Species and Infant Health: Evidence From the Invasive Emerald Ash Borer, Ecological Economics, Volume 154, December 2018, Pages 282-293

Anoma Ariyawardana, Lilly Lim-Camacho, Steven Crimp, Michael Wellington, Simon SomogyiConsumer Response to Climate Adaptation Strategies in the Food Sector: An Australian Scenario, Ecological Economics, Volume 154, December 2018, Pages 383-393

Salvatore Di Falco, Sindra SharmaInvesting in Climate Change Adaptation: Motivations and Green Incentives in the Fiji Islands, Ecological Economics, Volume 154, December 2018, Pages 394-408

M. Hirons, E. Robinson, C. McDermott, A. Morel, R. Asare, E. Boyd, T. Gonfa, T.W. Gole, Y. Malhi, J. Mason, K. NorrisUnderstanding Poverty in Cash-crop Agro-forestry Systems: Evidence from Ghana and Ethiopia, Ecological Economics, Volume 154, December 2018, Pages 31-41

Augusto Seabra Santos, Alexandre N. AlmeidaThe Impact of Deforestation on Malaria Infections in the Brazilian Amazon, Ecological Economics, Volume 154, December 2018, Pages 247-256

Michael T. Bennett, Yazhen Gong, Riccardo ScarpaHungry Birds and Angry Farmers: Using Choice Experiments to Assess “Eco-compensation” for Coastal Wetlands Protection in China, Ecological Economics, Volume 154, December 2018, Pages 71-87

Stefanija VeljanoskaCan Land Fragmentation Reduce the Exposure of Rural Households to Weather Variability?, Ecological Economics, Volume 154, December 2018, Pages 42-51

Lisa A. Wainger, Ryan Helcoski, Kevin W. Farge, Brandy A. Espinola, Gary T. GreenEvidence of a Shared Value for Nature, Ecological Economics, Volume 154, December 2018, Pages 107-116

Sasan BakhtiariComing Out Clean: Australian Carbon Pricing and Clean Technology Adoption, Ecological Economics, Volume 154, December 2018, Pages 238-246

Marianna Gilli, Francesco Nicolli, Paola FarinelliBehavioural attitudes towards waste prevention and recycling, Ecological Economics, Volume 154, December 2018, Pages 294-305

Mari Niva, Piia JallinojaTaking a Stand through Food Choices? Characteristics of Political Food Consumption and Consumers in Finland, Ecological Economics, Volume 154, December 2018, Pages 349-360

Asjad Naqvi, Engelbert StockhammerDirected Technological Change in a Post-Keynesian Ecological Macromodel, Ecological Economics, Volume 154, December 2018, Pages 168-188

Emily Pindilli, Rachel Sleeter, Dianna HoganEstimating the Societal Benefits of Carbon Dioxide Sequestration Through Peatland Restoration, Ecological Economics, Volume 154, December 2018, Pages 145-155

Daniel P. Bigelow, Hongliang ZhangSupplemental irrigation water rights and climate change adaptation, Ecological Economics, Volume 154, December 2018, Pages 156-167

A. Lagarde, L. Doyen, A. Ahad-Cissé, N. Caill-Milly, S. Gourguet, O. Le Pape, C. Macher, G. Morandeau, O. ThébaudHow Does MMEY Mitigate the Bioeconomic Effects of Climate Change for Mixed Fisheries, Ecological Economics, Volume 154, December 2018, Pages 317-332

Mihoko Wakamatsu, Christopher M. AndersonThe Endogenous Evolution of Common Property Management Systems, Ecological Economics, Volume 154, December 2018, Pages 211-217

Greer K. GosnellCommunicating Resourcefully: A Natural Field Experiment on Environmental Framing and Cognitive Dissonance in Going Paperless, Ecological Economics, Volume 154, December 2018, Pages 128-144

Petr Mariel, Jürgen MeyerhoffA More Flexible Model or Simply More Effort? On the Use of Correlated Random Parameters in Applied Choice Studies, Ecological Economics, Volume 154, December 2018, Pages 419-429

Marco Sonnberger, Matthias GrossRebound Effects in Practice: An Invitation to Consider Rebound From a Practice Theory Perspective, Ecological Economics, Volume  154, December 2018, Pages 14-21

Jon StrandForest Preservation Under REDD+ Schemes With Incentives Distortions, Ecological Economics, Volume 154, December 2018, Pages 343-348

Joseph J. Abram, James G. DykeStructural Loop Analysis of Complex Ecological Systems, Ecological Economics, Volume 154, December 2018, Pages 333-342