2018 July Ecological Economics

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Ecological Economics, Volume 149, July 2018
ISSN 0921-8009

Ina Lehmann, Adrian Martin, Janet A. Fisher, Why Should Ecosystem Services Be Governed to Support Poverty Alleviation? Philosophical Perspectives on Positions in the Empirical Literature, EE Volume 149, July 2018

Gianluca Grilli, John Curtis, Stephen Hynes, Paul O’Reilly, Sea Bass Angling in Ireland: A Structural Equation Model of Catch and Effort, EE Volume 149, July 2018

Erez Yerushalmi, Using Water Allocation in Israel as a Proxy for Imputing the Value of Agricultural Amenities, EE Volume 149, July 2018

Cécile Hediger, Mehdi Farsi, Sylvain Weber, Turn It Up and Open the Window: On the Rebound Effects in Residential Heating, EE Volume 149, July 2018

Carlos Valente, Catarina I. Gonçalves, Fernanda Monteiro, João Gaspar, Margarida Silva, Miguel Sottomayor, Maria Rosa Paiva, Manuela Branco, Economic Outcome of Classical Biological Control: A Case Study on the Eucalyptus Snout Beetle, Gonipterus platensis, and the Parasitoid Anaphes nitens, EE Volume 149, July 2018

Zhaoyang Liu, Andreas Kontoleon, Meta-Analysis of Livelihood Impacts of Payments for Environmental Services Programmes in Developing Countries, EE Volume 149, July 2018

Radomír Mach, Jan Weinzettel, Milan Ščasný, Environmental Impact of Consumption by Czech Households: Hybrid Input–Output Analysis Linked to Household Consumption Data, EE Volume 149, July 2018

William L. Huth, David M. McEvoy, O. Ashton Morgan, Controlling an Invasive Species through Consumption: The Case of Lionfish as an Impure Public Good, EE Volume 149, July 2018

Jan Kovanda, Jan Weinzettel, Karl Schoer, What Makes the Difference in Raw Material Equivalents Calculation Through Environmentally Extended Input-Output Analysis?, EE Volume 149, July 2018

Laura Guéorguieva-Bringuier, Fiona Ottaviani, Opposition and Isomorphism with the Neoliberal Logic in Community Exchange Systems, EE Volume 149, July 2018

Ryan A. Fitch, Yeon Su Kim, Incorporating Ecosystem Health and Fire Resilience Within the Unified Economic Model of Fire Program Analysis, EE Volume 149, July 2018

Heinz Welsch, Jan Kühling, How Green Self Image is Related to Subjective Well-Being: Pro-Environmental Values as a Social Norm, EE Volume 149, July 2018

Raphael Asada, Tobias Stern, Competitive Bioeconomy? Comparing Bio-based and Non-bio-based Primary Sectors of the World, EE Volume 149, July 2018

Giulia Ceccantoni, Ornella Tarola, Skerdilajda Zanaj, Green Consumption and Relative Preferences in a Vertically Differentiated International Oligopoly, EE Volume 149, July 2018

Joung Hun Lee, Yuki Kubo, Takahiro Fujiwara, Ratih Madya Septiana, Slamet Riyanto, Yoh IwasaProfit Sharing as a Management Strategy for a State-owned Teak Plantation at High Risk for Illegal Logging, EE Volume 149, July 2018

Richard N. Belcher, Ryan A. Chisholm, Tropical Vegetation and Residential Property Value: A Hedonic Pricing Analysis in Singapore, EE Volume 149, July 2018

Genowefa Blundo-Canto, Vincent Bax, Marcela Quintero, Gisella S. Cruz-Garcia, Rolf A. Groeneveld, Lisset Perez-Marulanda, The Different Dimensions of Livelihood Impacts of Payments for Environmental Services (PES) Schemes: A Systematic Review, EE Volume 149, July 2018

Hyunhong Choi, Yoonmo Koo, Using Contingent Valuation and Numerical Methods to Determine Optimal Locations for Environmental Facilities: Public Arboretums in South Korea, EE Volume 149, July 2018

Laure Kuhfuss, Julie Subervie, Do European Agri-environment Measures Help Reduce Herbicide Use? Evidence From Viticulture in France, EE Volume 149, July 2018

Veronika Stolbova, Irene Monasterolo, Stefano Battiston, A Financial Macro-Network Approach to Climate Policy Evaluation, EE Volume 149, July 2018

Melissa M. Kreye, Damian C. Adams, Holly K. Ober, Protecting Imperiled Wildlife Species on Private Lands: Forest Owner Values and Response to Government Interventions, EE Volume 149, July 2018

Sergio Marrocoli, Tsegaye Tagesse Gatiso, David Morgan, Martin Reinhardt Nielsen, Hjalmar KühlEnvironmental Uncertainty and Self-monitoring in the Commons: A Common-pool Resource Experiment Framed Around Bushmeat Hunting in the Republic of Congo, EE Volume 149, July 2018

Laetitia Pettinotti, Amaia de Ayala, Elena Ojea, Benefits From Water Related Ecosystem Services in Africa and Climate Change, EE Volume 149, July 2018

Haavard Maridal, Les Palich, Grant Morgan, Steven Gardner, Joe McKinney, Corneliu Bolbocean, Wellbeing Indices: A Comprehensive Inventory of Standards and a Review of Current Comparative Measures, EE Volume 149, July 2018

Carsten Herrmann-Pillath, The Case for a New Discipline: Technosphere Science, EE Volume 149, July 2018

Makoto Ehara, Kimihiko Hyakumura, Ren’ya Sato, Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Kunio Araya, Heng Sokh, Ryo Kohsaka, Addressing Maladaptive Coping Strategies of Local Communities to Changes in Ecosystem Service Provisions Using the DPSIR Framework, EE Volume 149, July 2018

M.E. Kragt, F.L. Gibson, F. Maseyk, K.A. Wilson, Corrigendum to “Public willingness to pay for carbon farming and its co-benefits” [Ecol. Econ. (2016) 125–131], EE Volume 149, July 2018