2019 February Ecological Economics

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Volume 156

ISSN 0921-8009 February 2019 EE Journal

2019 February Ecological Economics Journal
ISSN 0921-8009

Anne Kejser Jensen, Søren Bøye OlsenChildhood Nature Experiences and Adulthood Environmental Preferences, Ecological Economics, Volume 156, 2019, Pages 48-56, ISSN 0921-8009

Brian F. SnyderThe Inclusion of Ecosystem Service Valuations in Bioenergy Cost Analysis: A Case Study of Constructed Wetlands in the Neotropics, Ecological Economics, Volume 156, 2019, Pages 196-201, ISSN 0921-8009,

Nicole M. EvansEcosystem Services: On Idealization and Understanding Complexity, Ecological Economics, Volume 156, 2019, Pages 427-430, ISSN 0921-8009

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David J. Kaczan, Brent M. Swallow, W.L. (Vic) AdamowiczForest conservation policy and motivational crowding: Experimental evidence from Tanzania, Ecological Economics, Volume 156, 2019, Pages 444-453, ISSN 0921-8009

Kelly A. Claborn, Jeremy S. BrooksCan We Consume Less and Gain More? Environmental Efficiency of Well-being at the Individual Level, Ecological Economics, Volume 156, 2019, Pages 110-120, ISSN 0921-8009

Driss Ezzine-de-Blas, Esteve Corbera, Renaud LapeyrePayments for Environmental Services and Motivation Crowding: Towards a Conceptual Framework, Ecological Economics, Volume 156, 2019, Pages 434-443, ISSN 0921-8009

Colas Chervier, Gwenolé Le Velly, Driss Ezzine-de-BlasWhen the Implementation of Payments for Biodiversity Conservation Leads to Motivation Crowding-out: A Case Study From the Cardamoms Forests, Cambodia, Ecological Economics, Volume 156, 2019, Pages 499-510, ISSN 0921-8009

Arshiya Bose, Claude Garcia, Bhaskar ViraMottled motivations and narrow incentives: Exploring limitations of direct incentive policies in the Western Ghats, India, Ecological Economics, Volume 156, 2019, Pages 511-518, ISSN 0921-8009

Long Chu, R. Quentin Grafton, Rodney KeenanIncreasing Conservation Efficiency While Maintaining Distributive Goals With the Payment for Environmental Services, Ecological Economics, Volume 156, 2019, Pages 202-210, ISSN 0921-8009

Wenjing Liu, Jingsheng Wang, Chao Li, Baoxiong Chen, Yufang SunUsing Bibliometric Analysis to Understand the Recent Progress in Agroecosystem Services Research, Ecological Economics, Volume 156, 2019, Pages 293-305, ISSN 0921-8009

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Øyvind Nystad Handberg, Arild AngelsenPay little, get little; pay more, get a little more: A framed forest experiment in Tanzania, Ecological Economics, Volume 156, 2019, Pages 454-467, ISSN 0921-8009

Lina Moros, María Alejandra Vélez, Esteve CorberaPayments for Ecosystem Services and Motivational Crowding in Colombia’s Amazon Piedmont, Ecological Economics, Volume 156, 2019, Pages 468-488, ISSN 0921-8009

Emanuele LeonardiBringing Class Analysis Back in: Assessing the Transformation of the Value-Nature Nexus to Strengthen the Connection Between Degrowth and Environmental Justice, Ecological Economics, Volume 156, 2019, Pages 83-90, ISSN 0921-8009

Andres Susaeta, Brian Sancewich, Damian Adams, Paulo C. MorenoEcosystem Services Production Efficiency of Longleaf Pine Under Changing Weather Conditions, Ecological Economics, Volume 156, 2019, Pages 24-34, ISSN 0921-8009

Brian Robert Ssebunya, Christian Schader, Lukas Baumgart, Jan Landert, Christine Altenbuchner, Erwin Schmid, Matthias StolzeSustainability Performance of Certified and Non-certified Smallholder Coffee Farms in Uganda, Ecological Economics, Volume 156, 2019, Pages 35-47, ISSN 0921-8009

Shi Min, Jikun Huang, Hermann Waibel, Xueqing Yang, Georg CadischRubber Boom, Land Use Change and the Implications for Carbon Balances in Xishuangbanna, Southwest China, Ecological Economics, Volume 156, 2019, Pages 57-67, ISSN 0921-8009

Yau-Huo (Jimmy) Shr, Richard Ready, Brian Orland, Stuart EcholsHow Do Visual Representations Influence Survey Responses? Evidence from a Choice Experiment on Landscape Attributes of Green Infrastructure, Ecological Economics, Volume 156, 2019, Pages 375-386, ISSN 0921-8009

Ulrich Heink, Kurt JaxGoing Upstream — How the Purpose of a Conceptual Framework for Ecosystem Services Determines Its Structure, Ecological Economics, Volume 156, 2019, Pages 264-271, ISSN 0921-8009

Letícia Santos de Lima, Pablo Andres Ramos Barón, Sergio Villamayor-Tomas, Tobias KruegerWill PES Schemes Survive in the Long-term Without Evidence of Their Effectiveness? Exploring Four Water-related Cases in Colombia, Ecological Economics, Volume 156, 2019, Pages 211-223, ISSN 0921-8009

Tim JacksonThe Post-growth Challenge: Secular Stagnation, Inequality and the Limits to Growth, Ecological Economics, Volume 156, 2019, Pages 236-246, ISSN 0921-8009

Pablo de Frutos, Beatriz Rodriguez-Prado, Joaquín Latorre, Fernando Martinez-PeñaA Gravity Model to Explain Flows of Wild Edible Mushroom Picking. A Panel Data Analysis, Ecological Economics, Volume 156, 2019, Pages 164-173, ISSN 0921-8009

James Scott Vandeventer, Claudio Cattaneo, Christos ZografosA Degrowth Transition: Pathways for the Degrowth Niche to Replace the Capitalist-Growth Regime, Ecological Economics, Volume 156, 2019, Pages 272-286, ISSN 0921-8009

Rintaro Yamaguchi, Shunsuke ManagiBackward- and Forward-looking Shadow Prices in Inclusive Wealth Accounting: An Example of Renewable Energy Capital, Ecological Economics, Volume 156,  2019, Pages 337-349, ISSN 0921-8009

Mary Nantongo, Arild VatnEstimating Transaction Costs of REDD+, Ecological Economics, Volume 156, 2019, Pages 1-11, ISSN 0921-8009

Juan Infante-Amate, Fridolin KrausmannTrade, Ecologically Unequal Exchange and Colonial Legacy: The Case of France and its Former Colonies (1962–2015), Ecological Economics, Volume 156, 2019, Pages 98-109, ISSN 0921-8009

Cle-Anne Gabriel, Carol BondNeed, Entitlement and Desert: A Distributive Justice Framework for Consumption Degrowth, Ecological Economics, Volume 156, 2019, Pages 327-336, ISSN 0921-8009

Christine Corlet WalkerIn Defense of Degrowth: Opinions and Minifestos, by Giorgos Kallis, edited by Aaron Vansintjan, Uneven Earth Press, 2018Ecological Economics, Volume 156, 2019, Pages 431-432, ISSN 0921-8009

Peter Bednarik, Joanne Linnerooth-Bayer, Piotr Magnuszewski, Ulf DieckmannA Game of Common-pool Resource Management: Effects of Communication, Risky Environment and Worldviews, Ecological Economics, Volume 156, 2019, Pages 287-292, ISSN 0921-8009

Robert Fletcher, Bram BüscherNeoliberalism in Denial in Actor-oriented PES Research? A Rejoinder to Van Hecken et al. (2018) and a Call for Justice, Ecological Economics, Volume 156, 2019, Pages 420-423, ISSN 0921-8009

Gert Van Hecken, Pierre Merlet, Mara Lindtner, Johan BastiaensenCan Financial Incentives Change Farmers’ Motivations? An Agrarian System Approach to Development Pathways at the Nicaraguan Agricultural Frontier, Ecological Economics, Volume 156, 2019, Pages 519-529, ISSN 0921-8009

Solomon Tarfasa, Bedru B. Balana, Tewodros Tefera, Teshale Woldeamanuel, Awdenegest Moges, Mengistu Dinato, Helaina Black, Corrigendum to “Modeling Smallholder Farmers’ Preferences for Soil Management Measures: A Case Study from South Ethiopia” [Ecol. Econ. 145 (2018) 410–419], Ecological Economics, Volume 156, 2019, Page 433, ISSN 0921-8009

Vijay Kolinjivadi, Simon Charré, Jan Adamowski, Nicolás KosoyEconomic Experiments for Collective Action in the Kyrgyz Republic: Lessons for Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES), Ecological Economics, Volume 156, 2019, Pages 489-498, ISSN 0921-8009

Christian Unterberger, Paul Hudson, W.J. Wouter Botzen, Katharina Schroeer, Karl W. SteiningerFuture Public Sector Flood Risk and Risk Sharing Arrangements: An Assessment for Austria, Ecological Economics, Volume 156, 2019, Pages 153-163, ISSN 0921-8009

Dominik Wiedenhofer, Tomer Fishman, Christian Lauk, Willi Haas, Fridolin KrausmannIntegrating Material Stock Dynamics Into Economy-Wide Material Flow Accounting: Concepts, Modelling, and Global Application for 1900–2050, Ecological Economics, Volume 156, 2019, Pages 121-133, ISSN 0921-8009

Daniel McKenney, Charles Perrings, Stephen Dovers, Roger PermanIn Memory of Mick Common (1940–2018), Ecological Economics, Volume 156, 2019, Pages 424-426, ISSN 0921-8009

Volker MauerhoferLegal Institutions and Ecological Economics: Their Common Contribution for Achieving a Sustainable Development, Ecological Economics, Volume 156, 2019, Pages 350-359, ISSN 0921-8009

Richard T. Melstrom, Kehinde Rilwan Salau, David W. ShanafeltThe Optimal Timing of Reintroducing Captive Populations Into the Wild, Ecological Economics, Volume 156, 2019, Pages 174-184, ISSN 0921-8009

Gabriel Weber, Ignazio Cabras, Maria Calaf-Forn, Ignasi Puig-Ventosa, Giacomo D’AlisaPromoting Waste Degrowth and Environmental Justice at a Local Level: The Case of Unit-Pricing Schemes in Spain, Ecological Economics, Volume 156, 2019, Pages 306-317, ISSN 0921-8009

Zia Wadud, Phani Kumar ChintakayalaPersonal Carbon Trading: Trade-off and Complementarity Between In-home and Transport Related Emissions Reduction, Ecological Economics, Volume 156, 2019, Pages 397-408, ISSN 0921-8009

Rosa Duarte, Vicente Pinilla, Ana SerranoLong Term Drivers of Global Virtual Water Trade: A Trade Gravity Approach for 1965–2010, Ecological Economics, Volume 156, 2019, Pages 318-326, ISSN 0921-8009

Francesco Quatraro, Alessandra ScanduraAcademic Inventors and the Antecedents of Green Technologies. A Regional Analysis of Italian Patent Data, Ecological Economics, Volume 156, 2019, Pages 247-263, ISSN 0921-8009

Laura G. Elsler, Sarah E. Drohan, Maja Schlüter, James R. Watson, Simon A. LevinLocal, Global, Multi-Level: Market Structure and Multi-Species Fishery Dynamics, Ecological Economics, Volume 156, 2019, Pages 185-195, ISSN 0921-8009

Sara Latorre, Antonio Malo-LarreaPolicy-making Related Actors’ Understandings About Nature-society Relationship: Beyond Modern Ontologies? The Case of Cuenca, Ecuador, Ecological Economics, Volume 156, 2019, Pages 387-396, ISSN 0921-8009

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