Ecological Economics – December 2014

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Ecological Economics

Volume 108 ,  Pages 1-274, December 2014

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Creating physical environmental asset accounts from markets for ecosystem conservation: A comment
Pages 266-268
Uwe Latacz-Lohmann, Steven Schilizzi

Environmental protection goals, policy & publics in the European regulation of GMOs
Pages 269-273
Fern Wickson


Economic incentives and natural resource management among small-scale farmers: Addressing the missing link Original Research Article
Pages 1-7
Kindie Getnet, Catherine Pfeifer, Charlotte MacAlister

Graphical Abstract

Wasteland energy-scapes: A comparative energy flow analysis of India’s biofuel and biomass economies Original Research Article
Pages 8-17
Jennifer Baka, Robert Bailis

The complex role of attitudes toward science in pro-environmental consumption in the Nordic countries Original Research Article
Pages 18-27
Annukka Vainio, Riikka Paloniemi

Socio-cultural valuation of ecosystem services: uncovering the links between values, drivers of change, and human well-being Original Research Article
Pages 36-48
Irene Iniesta-Arandia, Marina García-Llorente, Pedro A. Aguilera, Carlos Montes, Berta Martín-López

Adoption of greenhouse gas mitigation in agriculture: An analysis of dairy farmers’ perceptions and adoption behaviour Original Research Article
Pages 49-58
Klaus Glenk, Vera Eory, Sergio Colombo, Andrew Barnes

Dependence on environmental resources and implications for household welfare: Evidence from the Kalahari drylands, South Africa Original Research Article
Pages 59-67
Gladman Thondhlana, Edwin Muchapondwa

Estimating stocks and flows of nitrogen: Application of dynamic nutrient balance to European agriculture Original Research Article
Pages 68-78
Natalia Kuosmanen

Using Choice Modeling to estimate the effects of environmental improvements on local development: When the purpose modifies the tool Original Research Article
Pages 79-90
Mª. Helena Guimarães, Lívia Madureira, Luís Catela Nunes, José Lima Santos, Carlos Sousa, Tomasz Boski, Tomaz Dentinho

Investigating fishers’ preferences for the design of marine Payments for Environmental Services schemes Original Research Article
Pages 91-103
Rhona F. Barr, Susana Mourato

Aldo Leopold’s unrealized proposals to rethink economics Original Research Article
Pages 104-114
Qi Feng Lin

Perceptions of the services provided by pond fish farming in Lorraine (France) Original Research Article
Pages 115-123
Thierry Blayac, Syndhia Mathé, Hélène Rey-Valette, Pascal Fontaine

Measuring the environmental cost of hypocrisy Original Research Article
Pages 124-135
Arthur J. Caplan, Charles Sims, Elliot Jordan Anderson

Extending the concept of the resource curse: Natural resources and public spending on health Original Research Article
Pages 136-149
Lara Cockx, Nathalie Francken

Green tangible investment strategies and export performance: A firm-level investigation Original Research Article
Pages 150-161
Roberto Antonietti, Alberto Marzucchi

Graphical abstract

Present bias predicts participation in payments for environmental services: Evidence from a behavioral experiment in Uganda Original Research Article
Pages 162-170
Sophie Clot, Charlotte Y. Stanton

Fukushima and the preference for nuclear power in Europe: Evidence from subjective well-being data Original Research Article
Pages 171-179
Heinz Welsch, Philipp Biermann

Food labeling and eco-friendly consumption: Experimental evidence from a Belgian supermarket Original Research Article
Pages 180-190
Pieter Vlaeminck, Ting Jiang, Liesbet Vranken

Potentials for prosperity without growth: Ecological sustainability, social inclusion and the quality of life in 38 countries Original Research Article
Pages 191-199
Martin Fritz, Max Koch

The water footprint of the Spanish agricultural sector: 1860–2010 Original Research Article
Pages 200-207
Rosa Duarte, Vicente Pinilla, Ana Serrano

The strange case of cultural services: Limits of the ecosystem services paradigm Original Research Article
Pages 208-214
Robert H. Winthrop

A gravity model of virtual water trade Original Research Article
Pages 215-228
Andrea Fracasso

Valuing conservation benefits of an offshore marine protected area Original Research Article
Pages 229-241
Tobias Börger, Caroline Hattam, Daryl Burdon, Jonathan P. Atkins, Melanie C. Austen

Happy for how long? How social capital and economic growth relate to happiness over time Original Research Article
Pages 242-256
Stefano Bartolini, Francesco Sarracino

Ecosystem services concepts and approaches in conservation: Just a rhetorical tool? Original Research Article
Pages 257-265
Janet A. Fisher, Katrina Brown

Methodological and Ideological Option

The culturality of ecosystem services. Emphasizing process and transformation Original Research Article
Pages 28-35
Michael Pröpper, Felix Haupts

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