Water Footprint Newsletter

1. Water Footprint Training

The next International Water Footprint Training Course will be delivered 7-9 Nov 2012, in Singapore. Course leader will be prof. Hoekstra. You can still register. Participants are undividedly very enthusiastic about this course.

Programme and registration form:

2. Water Footprint Assessment Tool

A beta version of the Water Footprint Assessment Tool is online. Feel free to test it and give us your feedback. Whether you work for a company, government, non-governmental or research organization, we believe that the tool will help you to better understand your water use. We will continue developing new functionalities in the coming months, and we will announce future releases as these functionalities are completed.

Access the tool:


3. Product gallery

Our new product gallery visualizes and explains the water footprint of a number of daily consumer commodities.


4. WaterStat: download data, images and raster maps

We have fully updated the WaterStat database. You can download here, for free, statistics on the water footprints of products and nations. Also water scarcity data by basin, by month.


5. Training materials

We have updated our section on training materials with all sorts of infographics. You can also still download presentations and game and roleplay materials.


6. New publications

Comparing the water and carbon footprint concepts:


The hidden water resource use behind meat and dairy


The water footprint of export cut flowers from the Lake Naivasha Basin, Kenya


The water footprint of France


Biofuel scenarios in a water perspective: The global blue and green water footprint of road transport in 2030


More publications…


More information

Website: www.waterfootprint.org

Contact: info@waterfootprint.org

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