2012 March Water Footprint Newsletter

The Water Footprint Network would like to share with you a number of recent key publications on water footprint.  Furthermore, find below more info on our database WaterStat and our upcoming Water Footprint Training Course.

The Water Footprint of Humanity

This landmark study calculates and maps humanity’s green, blue and grey water footprint at a high spatial resolution. The study reveals how different products and nations contribute to freshwater consumption and pollution across the globe. The findings may help governments to establish commodity production and consumption policies aimed at managing the planet’s finite freshwater supplies more effectively.

Global Monthly Water Scarcity

This study analyses water consumption in 405 river basins around the world and finds that water scarcity impacts at least 2.7 billion people for at least one month each year. This is the first global study analyzing water scarcity on a monthly basis. It compares the monthly blue water footprint to blue water availability for all major river basins in the world and accounts for flows needed to sustain critical ecological functions.

Global assessment of the water footprint of farm animal products

This is the first detailed global study of the water footprint of meat and dairy products. Data are presented per type of product, per country and per type of production system. It includes a comparison between animal and crop products.

The water footprint of soy milk and soy burger and equivalent animal products

This study shows that the water footprint of beef burger is 15x larger than for soy burger. The water footprint of cow milk is 3.5x larger than for soy milk. Included is a comparison between organic versus conventional farming.

The blue water footprint of electricity from hydropower

The study assesses the blue water footprint of hydroelectricity – the water evaporated from manmade reservoirs to produce electric energy – for 35 selected sites spread across the globe. The average water footprint of the selected hydropower plants appears to be 68 m3 per GigaJoule.

Global grey water footprint related to N and P

The study shows past and future trends in grey water footprints of anthropogenic nitrogen and phosphorus inputs to major world rivers.

Water footprint of France

With the upcoming World Water Forum in Marseille, it may be interesting to know what’s the water footprint of France. About half of the water footprint of French citizens is outside France.

WaterStat: download data, images and raster maps

We have fully updated the WaterStat database. You can download here, for free, all most recent water footprint statistics.

Water Footprint Training

Register now for the Global Water Footprint Standard Training Course that will be delivered 24-26 April, 2012, in Amsterdam. Register before 1 April.

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