2015 Nobel Peace Prize

Stuart Scott, IESCO, Deputy Director General for the North American Region and Climate Change Issues; See end for update

Again this year I am actively promoting both the Nobel Peace Prize and the Economics Prize, to be awarded in a manner that will help society make the fundamental changes required for humanity’s future well-being and perhaps our survival.

Based upon the experience and information I gained through last year’s effort, the Peace Prize advanced in this post and its links is for ‘pioneers of the field of sustainable development’, consisting of Herman Daly, William Rees, and the Club of Rome for its role in commissioning and publication of the seminal Limits to Growth study.  (The Economics Prize proposal to follow will be constituted for Herman Daly alone.)

Time is short until the deadline for Peace Prize submissions, which must be emailed no later than February 1.  So please do not delay on this.

The present request is also being made of several Nobel Peace Prize Laureates and their representatives, whose kind participation in this effort may provide prestigious nominations by which the endorsements by others will apply.  If you are not a Qualified Nominator (see Instructions) then by all means you are qualified to endorse this proposal in a supportive manner.

In respect of how busy you all are, the materials included in this post are intended to make submission of a nomination or endorsement a very quick, simple process.  All that is needed is for you to write a brief cover letter or email and send it with the included Proposal and Citation Analysis. The cover email is described in the Instructions file.  If you want to do something more elaborate, feel free, but it is not required.

I encourage you to watch the press briefing I did in Lima, Peru at the UN climate negotiations (COP-20) in December. Watch below.

Please circulate this information to your friends and associates by email and social media.  It is better we face what lies ahead with awareness and action than with ignorance and complicity.

Update: January 26, 2015

Pursuit of Two Nobel Prize Prize Nominations

Here is a link to a zipped file of materials with which ISEE members can help this year’s effort to win Nobel Prize recognition for Herman Daly, both on his own for a Nobel Economics Prize, and part of a joint Peace Prize nomination ‘for pioneers of the field of sustainable development’, along with Bill Rees and the Club of Rome for their vision in commissioning and publishing The Limits to Growth report.

The linked files will help ISEE members compose either one or two submissions. They are clearly named as pertaining to the Economics Prize or the Peace Prize, and two files with instructions for proceeding on each is also included.

In a nutshell, while the Economics Prize is rather closed and secretive, anyone can send in an endorsement of Dr. Daly for the prize, and we are hopeful of having at least 2 Qualified Nominators (members of the Swedish Royal Academy) make that nomination. They may be able to enlist others at the SRA to join this effort. THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS IS JANUARY 31.

The Peace Prize is a far more open process. There is an absolutely HUGE group of people who are Qualified Nominators, most not knowing that they are such. And with the approach of coordinating behind the attached proposal for the Peace Prize nomination, anyone who wants to can (and is urged to) submit an endorsement of the nomination that is being made by others. Here numbers will count, and we have already had some Qualified Nominators make the actual nomination.

Please BCC or forward your submissions to Stuart Scott. I want to keep track of where we are and who are the people I should ‘ask first’ should I need to repeat this process next year. I also would like to compile a ‘testimonial’ that can be shared with the intended recipients at some point in the future.


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