2018 Boulding Award


Inge Røpke

We are pleased to announce that the Boulding Award  Committee, ​b​ased on a thorough review of prior and recently identified potential candidates, has decided unanimously to award the 2018 Boulding Award to Inge Røpke, ​in recognition of her long-term ​efforts on behalf of ISEE and ESEE, ​as well as her contributions to the field and to our journal Ecological Economics.

​This award also recognizes her decisive history of ISEE and the ecological economics movement published in Ecological Economics​, as well as her more recent ​work on ​planning for sustainable transitions with a particular emphasis on the essential role of financial institutions and the banking system, issues which are decisive in recent thinking in ecological economics.

​The Award Committee was unanimous that Inge Røpke brings to the Boulding Award a sweeping heterodox perspective on the potential for a transition to sustainable husbandry of our shared resources, very much in keeping with Kenneth Boulding’s “spaceship Earth” philosophy.

Inge will proffer the ​Boulding Award Address at the 2018 Conference in Puebla, ​Mexico.

​Clóvis Cavalcanti
President, ISEE​

Peter May
Boulding Award Committee Chairman


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