2020 Virtual Forum on Earth System Governance


2020 Virtual Forum on Earth System Governance,
15-17th September 2020:

Between precarity and possibility: Implications of disruption for Earth System Governance

Innovative session: September 16, 16-17.30.

Behavioural responses to turbulent times:  social innovation to steer sustainable governance of nature and promote carbon neutrality

The session is a joint event of the H2020 SIMRA project (http://www.simra-h2020.eu) and the International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE) to foster collaboration between both societies in the field of environmental governance.

A new European Initiative – the Green Deal launched in December 2019 – brings in essential arguments to transform the present societal course of action towards a long-term sustainability strategy of promoting carbon neutral policies and putting the ecological economics concepts in real-life situations. This remit requires substantial behavioural changes at both individual and societal levels.  Social innovation, defined (by The H2020 project on Social Innovation in Marginalised rural areas, SIMRA) as “the reconfiguration of social practices, in response to societal challenges, seeks to enhance outcomes on societal well-being and necessarily includes the engagement of civil society actors”. We argue that this concept opens new prospects to foster nature-based solutions and trigger behavioural changes to enhance sustainability transitions and the resilience of social-ecological systems in these turbulent times in a long term. The COVID-19 outbreak has multiplied the need for behavioural changes as it interconnected economic-climate-environmental-health crises and necessitated immediate and adequate societal responses to be strategic by nature, yet with the key actions to be taken at the local level. A Monkey Survey will follow (to be conducted in a wider academic community) to determine perceptions of behavioural changes in the post COVID period.

The aim of this session is to address the questions of what are prospects of social innovation to trigger behavioural changes to enhance sustainability transition  and  Green Deal EU strategy as societal response to challenges posted by the Covid-19 outbreak ?

Session is proposed as a joint event of the H2020 SIMRA project and the International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE). The session will take form of PANEL discussion followed by speed talks.


Prof. David Miller, The James Hutton Institute- moderator

Panel: Prof. Tatiana Kluvankova, SLOVAKGLOBE   SAV-STU, Dr Simo Sarki, The University of Oulu, Finland; Dr. Volker  Mauerhofer, Mid Sweden University, Prof Andrea Borec, University of Maribor, Slovenia. (Each panellist has 5 min to pose a statement for two topics + 7 min for her/his input).

Speed talks: Lessons learned from social innovation case studies and innovation actions: Dr Mariana Melnykovych (WSL, CH); Dr Carla Barlagne (UK, HUT); Dr Stanislava Brnkalakova (SLOVAKGLOBE, SKDr Nestor Vercher (UniV, ES), ); Dr Martin Spacek (CETIP, Czech Rep);  (Each talk will be of 3-5 min.)


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