2022: Angelina Egorova

Angelina EgorovaAngelina Egorova


I am writing to express my interest to become part of your communjty so I can enhance my contribution to solving global environmental issues.

I graduated with honors from the Department of Sociology and Political Science at Southern Federal University. After graduation, I entered the master’s degree program at two unjversities: Moscow State University named after M. V. Lomonosov (The Advanced School of Public Administration) and Higher School of Economics (lnstitute for Educational Development). I participated in myriad of all-russian and international research conferences, seminars and workshops. I like studying and being a part of the dynamic educational environment. I like to solve complex problems, so l want a dynamic work where my scale of thinking will be useful and which will allow me to reach a supranational level of mastery of the direction of my scientific thought.

During my career as a civil servant, scientist and business owner I have come across a practice of compensation for environmental damages. I realized the importance and scope of the problems: uncontrolled pollution of surface water and groundwater sources, scarcity of freshwater. As I examine water availability in different countries, the catastrophic consequences predicted by the international commw1ity for the world’s population became a shocking discovery for me! The realization came to me that I really chose a topic that is a natural continuation of the development of my career and that will take my entire life path.

At the moment I’m studying at The Advanced School of Public Administration of Moscow State University and finishing my PhD thesis which is devoted to Strategical prioritize of water consumption of sustainable development economy of Russian Federation. The practical significance of my research is that the main conclusions and provisions obtained as a result can be used by participants in the political process as a basis for developing effective risk-mitigation mechanisms in the system of water policy measures in the face of climate change.

I worked in the Department of aquaculture of the Federal Fisheries Agency. My position was a leading specialist expe1t of the department of reproduction of water biological resources. I did legal regulation, reporting and organization of different events. When I worked there, I created Project Office in the Russian Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography and the strategy of development of aquaculture in the Russian Federation. This system provides creation scientific industrial complex for development industrial aquaculture. The leader market “Russian caviar house” presented by Aleksandr Novikov, deputy head of Federal Fisheries Agency and top official in Republic of Tatarstan offer me to create the aquaculture complex and become the Head Project Manager. I worked with investors and managed investments projects. 1 was an employee there for 6 months and then came back to Moscow. Now I work at the Faculty of Economics of Moscow State University, at the department of environmental economics as a technician. Together with my colleagues I participate in research projects, attract grants and writing scientific articles.

For my contributions to government and business I was invited to work at the UN in Rome at PAO. I was the UN Youth Envoy for SDG 6 «Ensure the availability and sustainable use of water and sanitation for all». I took part in specialized events at the international level as a speaker and was twice honored and invited to New York for the highest political summit and other events.

I could not fly to work in Rome because of another offer. I have been asked to develop a strategy for water supply, drainage and water balance of the Republic of Uzbekistan. As a result of my work the Minister of Construction and Housing and Communal Services awarded me the Order of Honour «Excellence in Housing and Communal Economy of the Republic of Uzbekistan» for a worthy contribution to the development of the drinking water supply and drainage system, Development of a water supply, sanitation and water balance su·ategy for the period up to 2035 and beyond, and introduction of advanced technologies in this area.

My education and work experience allowed me to accumulate all my knowledge and skills and apply it for the implementation of socially significant scientific projects in the field of ecology and economics in the development of state strategies and state reports at the international level, which were highly appreciated by state awards and letters of thanks.
My professional interests and research work are related to the environmental and economic policies in different states, sustainable development, ESG strategies, peacekeeping, water diplomacy, investments in water infrastructure, I am especially interested in studying the practice of resolving water conflicts.

The main purpose of my researches is to study international experience, define externalities within the framework of the socio-ecological-economic paradigm and develop measures to improve the system of stimulating rational water use.

Also in ensuring the long-term balance and sustainability of the world, water is an essential prerequisite for maintaining macroeconomic stability, which, in turn, will create the basic conditions for economic growth.

The practical significance of my researches: main results, conclusions and provisions can be used by participants in the political process in the environmental sphere as a basis for developing effective risk mitigation mechanisms in the system of water policy measures in the context of global instability.

Joining the International Society of Ecological Economics is a great opportunity for me to do my favorite things, develop my competences and publish quality articles in prestigious indexed scientific magazines.

High motivation to develop my abilities will allow me to realize my personal potential, and striving for knowledge will contribute to achieving positive results!

I see myself as an environmental economics expert and if I am given the opportunity to develop, to engage in research among like-minded people, I will do my best for the prosperity of population of the world and our Planet.

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