2022: Tiziano Distefano

Tiziano diStefanoTiziano diStefano

I am a Junior Research Fellow (Rtd-a) at the Department of Economics and Management at the University of Pisa (Italy) , where I am also affiliated to the Responsible Management Research Center (REMARC). I am the Principal Investigator of a MIT-UNIPI MISTI Grant – IX call for the project EMERITUS in collaboration with MIT (Prof. N.A. Ashford) and Virginia Tech (Prof. R. Hall) and I am currently a member of the Editorial Board of the Post-Growth Economics (PEN) Working Paper Series and of the Coordination Group of PEN. I am the Vice-chair in the Local Organizing Committee for the XIV European Society for Ecological Economics Conference (ESEE2022) to be held in June 2022, in Pisa (IT). I have co-organized with MIT and VTECH the Summer School “Sustainable transitions in employment, economic welfare and the environment“. Finally, I edited the book Water Resources and Economic Processes (Routledge, 2020) which collects transdisciplinary contributions from leading scholars coming from several countries.

For more information, please visit: .

My CV is available here: CV_ENG_TD_2021.pdf.

Motivation to serve as ISEE board member

After completing my graduate studies, in 2011, I thought mainstream economics had little to say for addressing the challenges of our century until I discovered the field of Ecological Economics (EE) during my PhD. Why is EE still on the fringes of education in economics, although it is gaining momentum and proving to be grounded on solid epistemological foundations? This question has led me to be very involved in promoting EE, both inside and outside academia. I am running for a position to serve as a member of the ISEE board because I would be honored to contribute on:

  1. mainstreaming of EE principles: the work done in the Coordination Group of the Postgrowth Economic Network (PEN), together with the collaborations realized in Colombia and Nepal, has suggested the importance to create a strong network across all the researchers in EE to boost the diffusion of alternative economic thinking in academia.
  2. promoting the involvement of young researchers: in this regard, my experience as a member of the Editorial Board of the journal “Postgrowth Economic Network Working Paper Series” reveals the need to facilitate the involvement of early career researchers by allowing them to publish their studies for free, receiving peer review and support on how to navigate the EE field.
  3. strengthening the ISEE influence on policy decisions and cultural shifts by bridging the academic world with stakeholders, policymakers, NGOs, and the citizens. To this purpose, I am already devoting much effort to the organization of the 14th ESEE conference, that will be held in Pisa (IT) next June 2022. In particular, recognizing that scientific knowledge is not enough, I am organizing, within the conference, a keynote roundtable to discuss and promote new practices of communication and divulgation, including art, in order to stimulate behavioral and cultural changes.


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