2022: Inge Røpke


From January 2022 I will be Professor Emerita of Ecological Economics at Aalborg University, Copenhagen Campus, Denmark.

More information here:

As a member of the ISEE Board for the past two years, I have been involved, together with others, in various tasks such as improving the communication between the Board and the society’s journal; preparing discussions with the regional societies about the journal and about the format of future conferences; preparing the transition to a new website; preparing the revision of the Constitution and Bylaws with a focus on introducing staggered election periods to ensure continuity and on introducing student representatives on the Board. Several of these issues will require more work in the years to come. For instance, I am interested in working with contents for the new website. Hopefully, this may not only strengthen ISEE internally, but also promote the outreach of ecological economic ideas in urgent policy-making.

In contrast to my relatively radical views in writing, my approach to organizational work is quite pragmatic and non-confrontational. I prefer to work behind the lines and to focus on following things through. I would be happy to support the presidency of Roldan Muradian in this way and to help ensuring some continuity in the work.

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