2022: Megan Egler

Megan EglerMegan Egler

PhD Candidate, University of Vermont, USA
Leadership for the Ecozoic Fellow at the Gund Institute for Environment
MSc. Food, Ag. and Resource Economics, University of Guelph, Canada
BSc. Environmental and Conservation Science, University of Alberta, Canada

My name is Megan Egler, I am a PhD Candidate at the University of Vermont, a graduate fellow at the Gund Institute for Environment, and a member of the Leadership for the Ecozoic Project.

I am interested in running for a student board position with ISEE because I see the potential for ecological economics to be a strong contributor and a staging ground for radical scholarship, I see the opportunity to teach and understand economics in a way that brings human society toward a future founded on mutually enhancing human-Earth relationships, and I believe that the International Society for Ecological Economics can help facilitate the relationships and collaborations required to build this vision. As a graduate student union organizer, a degrowth activist, and an ecological economist, I will bring to the board passionate experience in transdiciplinary scholarship, conference and event organizing, and representing early-career researcher and student interests.

I am committed to community and movement building, dissolving the boundaries between the academy and the rest of society, advancing conversations of what it means to live well now and into the future, and infusing care, justice and conviviality into work and action. My dissertation research focuses on just transitions, technology, and elite narratives in fossil fuel-based economies of North America and I have worked with the Parkland Institute, United Nations Research Institute for Social Development, and the Ecozoic Policy Project on research that centres social and environmental justice. I have a master’s degree in applied economics and have published work on non-market economies and sustainability science.

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