David Batker

David Batker

Regional Society: USSEE

Country: United States

Never in human history has humanity had more resources, knowledge, technological prowess. Never has the population been larger; wealth and power greater and so unequally distributed.  The human enterprise threatens to unravel foundational planetary systems. Ecological economics is critical to implementing solutions.

Building ISEE capacity, enabling members in their work, growing the organization, facilitating justice, and implementing ecological economics in practice is why I want to be on the ISEE Board. The opportunities for ecological economics abound.

I dedicated my career to implementing ecological economics and empowering people in ecological economics. One note from a rising star Latin American woman ecological economist stated: “One billion thanks for believing so much in me, always.”

I studied with Herman Daly, founded Earth Economics, co-authored the book “What’s the Economy for Anyway: Why It’s Time to Stop Chasing Growth and Start Pursuing Happiness” and have worked on a thousand or more projects in North America, Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Europe, including climate projects, drought, fire, flood, hurricane mitigation, watersheds, green buildings, ecosystem services, funding mechanisms, water, mining impact, low-carbon shipping, restorative agriculture, estimating damages from coal, oil and gas for large lawsuits, the value of 1,002 springs. It’s a long list, accomplished via humble listening/learning skills where solutions are built by local affected people.

Indigenous peoples have been my bosses on projects in Asia and the Americas in work that securing policy changes and projects they pursued.

Atmospheric CO2 must shrink. ISEE must grow. Elderly African American, Mary McCastle, recruited me to environmental justice and civil disobedience without excoriating “I have a nightmare” but by putting her arm around me and saying “Join us. Join our movement. Fight for justice.”

To grow ISEE we must invite, be collaborative, well run and deliver results. I’ll help with that.

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