Junior Garcia

Junior Garcia

Regional Society: ECOECO

Country: Brazil

Bachelor’s in economics from the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR), Master in Economic, Agrarian and Agricultural Development and Doctor in Economic Development, Space and Environment from the State University of Campinas (Unicamp).

Professor at the Department of Economics and at the Postgraduate Program in Economic Development (PPGDE) at the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR).

Research Productivity Scholarship from CNPq (National Council for Scientific and Technological Development) 2016-2021.

Executive Director of the Brazilian Society of Ecological Economics – ECOECO: treasurer (2018-2019) and vice president (2020-2021), as well as director of the southern region (2022-2023).

Coordinator of the Study Group on Ecological Macroeconomics – GEMAECO:

Ambassador of Parent in Science:

I would also like to highlight the activities conducted within the scope of the Brazilian Society of Ecological Economics (ECOECO) and of REVIBEC (Iberoamerican Journal of Ecological Economics).

At ECOECO I have worked with communication channels, such as the creation and implementation of the Newsletter, updating and management of the website, Facebook, creation and management of the YouTube channel, assisted in the publication of the ECOECO Bulletin, as well as assisting in dissemination strategies events, such as the preparation of visual material (see ECOECO’s website). Throughout 2020 and 2021 I helped organize and host several ECOECO online events, such as the “The Future of Ecological Economy” Webinar Cycle and other special events.

At REVIBEC I have been regional co-editor (Brazil) since 2017, helping Peter May (Editor-in-Chief) and other regional co-editors in the magazine’s activities. In 2021, under a shared work regime with Peter May, I took over the management of REVIBEC.

More information about me:

Curriculum Lattes:

Why would I want to join the ISEE Board?

I would like to take part in the ISEE Board for the following reasons: (i) it is important for Regional Ecological Economics Societies to take part in ISEE management, to strengthen the integration between ISEE and Regional Societies. In this sense, each major region of Planet Earth (continent and sub-continent, in the case of the Americas) participate in ISEE management; (ii) given the importance of South America for sustainable development and the Ecological Economy itself, I believe it would be important to have representation in ISEE management; (iii) as an ecological economist, linked to the Brazilian Society of Ecological Economics (ECOECO) and researcher, I believe that I can contribute to advancing in the dissemination and insertion of Ecological Economics in the various sectors of society, such as education, research, politics, economics, etc.; (iv) I also believe that it is important that “younger” researchers in Ecological Economics have a place in ISEE management, in an attempt to build the conditions for ISEE’s continuity and advancement.

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