Rhett Martin

Dr. Rhett Martin

Regional Society: ANZSEE

Country: Australia

Reasons for standing:

I teach environmental law subjects and write a lot on the intersection between law and sustainability. Increasingly I find it necessary to address ecological economics as an essential element of the research paradigm I am engaged in. It is apparent to me that a significant adjustment is needed to current economic theories. This is evidenced by the current series of events and crises, including climatic and biodiversity crisis and the need to reorientate the global economy to embrace sustainability.  I am keen to address this through being part of the ISEE board to encourage a full and courageous take up of this important debate.


MPhD, BComm, LLB, LLM, Grad Cert in Law Teaching

Personal details:

I am a Senior Lecturer in Law at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia. I am the author of a number of texts and journal articles that explore the link between the law and sustainability and my key area of focus is on sustainability regulation. Understanding the link between sustainability and regulation inevitably requires an understanding of ecological economics.
I am a past president of the Australia Law and Economics Association.

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