Steven Schonberger

Steven Schonberger

Regional Society: USSEE

Country: United States

Broad, societal recognition of planetary boundaries is increasing rapidly, spurring our consideration of how humans will exist beyond the Anthropocene.   ISEE brings analytical rigor to those deliberations and formulations through its emphasis on transformation towards an equitable and ecologically sustainable society which respects the rights of people and nature, biological and cultural diversity.  I am committed to this mission, and bring extensive experience with high level dialogue, and the formulation and conversion of public policy into public and private expenditure and investment priorities. I am also able to support and guide ISEE in carrying out its knowledge sharing role with a broad cross-section of society – including policy makers, international institutions, private sector and broader civil society. 

For over 30 years, I worked in increasingly senior roles in NGOs, UN organizations and the World Bank (most recently in Global and Regional Director positions).  I have had the opportunity to work with stakeholders in virtually every region of the World, to integrate ecological sustainability into economic development at the global, regional, national and local levels, including introducing circular economy into broader economic and policy analysis, and ensuring that developing countries have the opportunity to “leap-frog” into developmental strategies and pathways based on regenerative approaches.  My current focus is on building the foundations for “mutualistic development” to supersede “sustainable development” as we must go beyond “do no harm” to re-find our place as a contributor to the health of the natural environment. 

I would be proud to work on behalf of the ISEE membership to continue to strengthen the common agenda of regional and national members and related organizations, and to expand strategic partnerships in realizing the late Herman Daly’s vision of putting economics at the service of the planet (rather than the other way around).

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