Miriam Barros

Maria Miriam Barros Dos Santos

Regional Society: ECOECO

Country: Brazil

Studying the importance of the environment for humanity is something that enthralls me more and more, as well as investigating and understanding the dangers and consequences of changes in the ecosystem in which we live. It is a very challenging, but motivating path, given that environmental discussions need urgency in face of the political and environmental scenario in which we are inserted.

As a master’s student in Development and Environmental and also counting on my degree in Ecological Economics, I am really interested in being able to connect to a network that allows greater access to the most current debates and issues in the academic world and professional, in a way that allows an expansion and updating of knowledge and advancement in formation.

I was a scholarship holder in research and innovation projects and scientific initiation during graduation provided by the Federal University of Ceará. Furthermore, I participated in the first Ecological Economics Seminar with a presentation of my master’s research project, besides evaluating other projects presented during the event. These were very rich experiences and brought about a greater academic maturity.

I have interests in areas that are directly aligned with the ideals of ecological economics and that together with other research fields are very innovative. I am currently researching the importance of the mangrove ecosystem for traditional communities, applying the valuation methods and mapping of ecosystem services to understand the relationship between communities and this environment.

I understand that the need for hard work and compromise is crucial to the success of such a fundamental partnership today. In this way, I hope to contribute to the good use of the position of ISEE Student Board Member.

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