Tim Booker

STUDENT: Tim Booker

Regional Society: ANZSEE

Country: Australia

My Ph.D. focuses on the consequences of the changes in global modes of information flow that social media, and other social technologies, induce. I have distinct interests in the consequences which relate to effective governance, social inequality and inequity, and systemic exploitability for the betterment or degradation of human society. My contribution is through the lens of complex systems using mathematics and physics-inspired models to make quantitative predictions and discover insights about the nature of such problems.

I am running for the board because I wish to contribute to a future that can harness social technology to the benefit of all human systems and support multidisciplinary critiques of social, political, and economic structures.

I wish to bring two perspectives to the board.

First, is my understanding of how social media can be used to reach younger audiences and foster community. Using my experience in brand management, online content creation, and online event management across platforms like Twitter, Tiktok, and I aim for my voice on the board to highlight blindspots in the online presence  (including modes of outreach, collaboration, and community engagement), as well as to contribute novel ideas to capture new audiences, leverage current trends, and improve upon current ISEE activities. In particular, I think there is enormous potential to rethink what youth membership for professional societies looks like.

Second, is my view on fostering relations with Indo-Pacific Asia. I have goals to create research relations concerning EEs and complex systems science between  Australia and Indo-Pacific Asia. My network here was formed through my current residence in Japan and my position as a New Colombo Plan scholar, which is an  Australian Government program that supports the uplifting of relations in the Indo-Pacific region. If elected to the board, I intend to use my network to strengthen participation in the ISEE  within Asia, which may also open avenues supporting my goals in the future.

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