Zafarani Uwingabire, Ph.D.

Zafarani Uwingabire, Ph.D.

Regional Society: ESEE

Country: France

I am an ecological economist with a background in economics and agri-food chain from the University of Toulouse, as well as a background in agricultural economics and agribusiness from the University of Rwanda, which is a handy combination for my interdisciplinary research interests on both continents. My work focuses on assessing the economic and nutritional impacts of environmental/climate change on social welfare and the analysis and development of sustainable food systems.

I have ten years of experience working in Rwanda and France with public and private stakeholders (smallholder farmers and other local actors) in the field and from the research and teaching domains. I work for the French National Institute for Research on Agriculture, Food, and the Environment (INRAe), Agroecology Joint Research Unit in Dijon, France. My role is to identify the worldviews, values, and evidence that support pollinator conservation. I have also taught at the University of Toulouse (Science Po Toulouse and the University of Toulouse 2- Jean Jaurès). In the past, I worked for the National Agricultural Export Development Board in Rwanda.

My drive is to help improve the livelihoods of the most vulnerable. As such, I am keen on putting my energy into a mission with social and environmental virtues. Hence, my interest in the ISEE’s initiatives to foster transformation towards an equitable and sustainable society concerning nature, people, and biocultural diversity and my desire to contribute to these efforts.

I bring to the ISEE Board my analytical, creative, communication, and knowledge-sharing skills, as well as my experiences in multicultural environments.

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