The Nobel Committee has instituted a new procedure in 2018 for Peace Prize nominations. This affects all previously submitted nominations from ISEE members for the proposal that includes as nominee our mentor, Herman Daly along with Pope Francis and the Club of Rome.

Effective as of January 1, the website can no longer submit your nomination for you merely by filling out the simple form there. If you have already submitted a nomination of the proposal that way, Stuart Scott will be contacting you with instructions on how to create an official Nominator Account, and then use it to submit the appropriate nomination. For endorsers of the proposal (those who are not qualified nominators) there is no change since endorsements are submitted gratuitously as public support.

Please click here to clarify if you are qualified to nominate for the Peace Prize. A huge number of academics are qualified nominators, and all ISEE members likely know people who can nominate if they cannot themselves. To find out how to submit a nomination, please email Stuart Scott at since time is short until the January 31st deadline, and he can greatly facilitate the process for you.

If you cannot nominate by want to endorse the proposal, go to and fill out the short form there. If the proposal were adopted by the Nobel Committee it would serve as a tremendous wake-up call to society and contribute to the potential paradigm shift we so sorely need.

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